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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I may be STUPID after all...

After much worrying about this damn Gas company and the HUGE increase in the budget amount - I went to bed a mean, mad and frustrated individual. After showering this morning and thinking of nothing else - the light went on! 1) I CHOOSE to be on the budget 2) I can't afford more than $60/month towards the damn thing 3) Columbia Gas is NOT working with me on this at all. Now tell me if this solution is valid:

1) I will continue to make the $60 payment I am allotting
2) Although this will be below "suggested" budget amount - I can't technically be delinquent if the "actual" gas usage is monetarily covered - therefore it would be litigious for them to knock my credit
3) Or just opt out of "budget" plan altogether and pay my own set amount, creating a surplus - and adjusting as necessary.

Now, in hindsight, I think I got all worked up over a situation that I can rectify myself. **kicking myself in the ass at the moment.

My biggest problem is and always has been worrying. I have 2 children I am very worried about at the moment, and communication is NOT happening. I don't want to interfere, just be a support mechanism and this is not happening. (OK - I know you guys are reading this - so call me!)


Now a change of subject. I am addicted to court news and pissing my family members off constantly because TruTV (formerly Court TV) is on constantly. There is a case being covered in Las Vegas, Nevada - about a female judge who was suspended for her abusive actions and ultimately banned from the courthouse. This woman is Elizabeth Halverson (you have to google her name to find more pictures and a description.) This woman is an ASS. She is morbidly obese (425 pounds - but probably closer to 500) and she tools around in her huge scooter wearing an oxygen cannula. She is credited with being extremely smart, but is one of the biggest buffoons I have ever seen. After I googled her and found out more about her - I like her even less. She apparently is a pig who thinks she can order anyone around BECAUSE SHE IS AN ELECTED JUDGE! She is and has been proven, to be getting even with those who climbed the legal ladder ahead of her, and I do believe she may have psychiatric issues due to her paranoia.

One would have to actually see her demeanor before this Nevada Judicial Tribunal to fully appreciate her arrogance - I made my mind up, and NO I don't like her and don't think she has any redeeming qualities whatsoever.

I'm meeting some friends for lunch at the City Building today, I haven't seen or talked to them in quite awhile and they called yesterday for a hook-up. I might as well, it's not as if I have a life.

Have a good one - I will be back later TTFN~


Chickie said...

I'd go with option 3 if I were you. At least you wouldn't get any surprises on your bill.

slyght said...

i just can't. not right now. sorry