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Thursday, June 04, 2009


but I can't resist saying something about Sarah Palin and her introductory speech for Michael Reagan today.

The gist of this "speech" can be accessed by the link above. WTF??? Palin references Economics 101 - this coming from a woman who attended four colleges to get a journalism degree. I doubt seriously if she can even spell economics. Saying that Obama's path so far is "backward and skewed" is reminiscent of her speeches of just a few months ago. That woman skewed just about everything that came out of "gotcha" mouth!

Now, all of a sudden she wants the public to believe she is an authority on the fiduciary situation of this country? Oh, I forgot she can probably see the Treasury building from her front porch too. There are just no coherent thoughts or words that come from her.

To state that Obama is "controlling" everything and will soon control the people is a little myopic on her part. Let's see:
1. What about the illegal wiretapping of Americans?
2. The excessive secrecy in the government?
3. The illegal indefinite detentions?
4. Cheney's expansion of the executive branch of government?
5. Who tells us who we can/cannot marry?
6. Who tells us what we can/cannot do with our bodies?

Sarah, this isn't rocket science...these would all be attributable to your idol Bush and the GOP. The typical GOP mentality - lots of complaints but nary a solution to offer.

The ironic part is this was all said as a prelude to another of her idols, Michael Reagan - who was an embarrassment to his own father. He never gained traction till after his father left office.

But since Reagan's supply side economics and trickle down theory is what started this entire debacle how appropriate that Palin gets to tout the leader of the downfall.

Palin's time would have been better spent on Communications & Speech 101, since she can do neither. She is managing to carry the torch forward for the GOP with the "fear" tactic.

I suggest she move on to Economics 402/Advanced economics to understand that getting out of a depression = government spending. Small business alone will not sustain the financial markets of the country.

An award should be given to Palin, for being the only female/governor/idiot, to gain all this media attention, when she opens her mouth and spews incoherent statements, more often than not.

Trust me, she just feels she has to have a soap box periodically, in order to be able to throw her hat in the ring in 2012. I hope so - I will need a good belly laugh by then!


Mnmom said...

She'll be fighting our soon-to-be-ex-governor Tim Pawlenty. He's decided not to seek a third term so he can run. He's the champion of "no new taxes while Rome burns", but he sure didn't flinch when everyone's property taxes went up, fees went up, state parks closed, and over 500 kids were kicked off low income medical coverage. He's their next hero!

kenju said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photo of all the repubs laughing and the caption is priceless!!

slyght said...

i've seen that reagonomics demotivational poster before. i rally like the stupid burning pic though

Chickie said...

The post is spot on but even better for me was the cartoon @ the end.

It is now stolen and the new screensaver for my phone.