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Thursday, June 18, 2009


This is an interesting video, with Adam Greene of OpenLeft a blog site confronting the attack "journalist" from clusterFOX news, Griff Jenkins - outside a building where members of ACORN were meeting.

Jenkins is a fukktard of gargantuan proportions anyway, so this was a delight to my eyes to see someone literally catch him off guard. Note how Jenkins decides to rant on about Adam Green being from the PRESS. Yay, bloggers are now considered legitimate reporters!!

Memo to self **next time interviewing anyone, take along my own RED CARPET!

If I watched O'Reilly, it would be interesting to see what kind of SPIN the blowhard puts on this video, if he has the nerve to air the entire mess. We all know "the SPIN stops here" with O'Reilly - so EVERYTHING MUST BE TRUE.


We were hit with some fierce storms last night, causing major damage throughout the valley. The first storm was not a direct hit here, and thegrandson and I watched the black clouds from the front porch, while chatting with the neighbor and wondering what the end result would be for us. Initially, we had mostly lightening and thunder, as the storm skirted around us, the first barrage of rain started, yet only lasted maybe one half hour. The second storm was hot on the tails of the first - and the picture above is a funnel cloud that formed not far from here. There were no reports of it touching down, but when you live in a valley of many hills, a tornado sighting is a rarity. The second storm inundated us with 3" of rain in an hour, causing major flooding just south of me. The street to my daughter's house was closed due to high water as were many others nearby.

On June 14, 1990, we had the Wegee and Pipe Creek floods which killed 26 people, several whom I knew...so we are a valley of "creek watchers." That was a case, called a "one hundred year event", where a storm stalled over this area and dumped 6" of rain with 4" being dumped in the first hour. It was a horrible time for so many. To this day, if we are hit by torrential downpours, the flashbacks reappear.

This time my basement stayed dry - that makes me a very happy camper. Some neighbors got hit this time, which is strange to me, but I won't question it at this point.

So much to do and I seem to be spinning my wheels. Have a great day and catch ya.....later...........

We are supposed to have equally hard storms again tomorrow night - so if Mother Nature could be appeased in anyway - I'm open to suggestions.


Nan said...

We've been having weird weather here -- a raging thunderstorm with a torrential downpour hit the office park where I work just before I left for the afternoon today. Did the dash to the parking lot, then drove barely two blocks to find dry pavement and the sun shining.

I'd love to see someone harass O'Reilly the same way he turns goons on people, but it's never going to happen. Progressives/liberals/leftists are just too nice to ever get that obnoxious.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Must really suck for Fuks Nuz when the shoe is on the other foot.

I'm glad to here that you folks made it through those storms ok last night. We're supposed to get some of that junk here tonight and tomorrow.

Stay safe tonight....and don't get too far away from the basement.


every since i switched over to ie8 i can't watch videos..

i'd give my left tit for some rain..thunderstorms welcomed..if you spit..it drys up before it hits the ground.

Peruby said...

I remember well June of 1990. My Mom and I were driving through the area (Rt 7) the next day on our way to the Bob Evans farm. The National Guard was all over the place. What a tragedy. Readers Digest did an article on it I think a year later.