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Saturday, June 06, 2009


Well, our doctor was true to his word, and the rush he put on the biopsy was processed quickly. He called yesterday afternoon - ALL GOOD NEWS. No signs of any cancer cells whatsoever. He was a little upset that the PA, mentioned in prior blog - took it upon herself to put the scare into us - without consulting the gynecologist that employs her - first.

Thedaughter tried to "hijack" my blog to put her own post (of thanks) here - but mwahahahaha - finally a password she couldn't figure out. But the following is what she e-mailed me from her room upstairs - to post.

I would like to say thank you to all of themom's followers and friends here on her blog. We had a rough week with my medical scare and you all have been there for her sending your thoughts and prayers. Where we live people really aren't that kind. Most people here are very cold hearted. You ALL have kept her as well as myself in good spirits through this and many other troubling times and for that I am deeply grateful. For all of you who are faithful here, all medical results came back today with no signs of cancer cells or traits of any kind. I am in the clear. Thanks to everyone again.


Thedaughter left this as a "comment" on a previous post, but I wanted it here, so all could see her appreciation (mine too)!

Today, is going to be a "catch up on ALL the laundry" day, in order to have everything ready to leave for vacation on Monday. I have to drag myself downstairs and change the kitty litter too - now that is something I REALLY look forward too. Damn, I wish that fat cat would learn to use the toilet. I should have trained her when she was young - but being a mean 12 year old psychotic feline - I foresee no change to her habits at this stage.

My neighbor is going to water my flowers while we are gone, the other neighbors have agreed to "watch" the house. It also helps to have the police chief living two doors away, for nothing other than watching my house. (He's nuts!)

Thegrandson is so excited, he has wanted to pack his little suitcase everyday. Tonight, we will let him get most of his stuff ready. We have a laundry basket packed with beach/kitchen stuff and essentially the remaining packable are mostly clothes. I hope I don't forget the camera.

I had to order a lumbar support (cushion) for the car, as my back does not do well with these seats. After an eight hour drive - I would prefer limited pain. I just want to relax in the sun for four days and hopefully watch thegrandson totally enjoy his first visit to the beach. We will be returning home on Saturday (the 13th). Brief, but hopefully restful.

There is a community (Bellaire) festival going on downtown. In years past, this was a fun time for several days. Local singers, bingo in the evenings, rides for the children and all kinds of food stands. Thegrandson has been begging to go, but I can't get him to understand - the powers that be (idiots who planned the event), have made this a boring, not worth the trip festival. There are NO rides for children, actually nothing for them at all. One food stand selling some kind of port - I see a case or two of trichinosis coming on - no bingo for those who love the game. It is more or less for people to look at the new sidewalks, the open space from where 22 sycamores were removed, and glad hand with the local mayor and his fukktard girlfriend - our village administrator. (Who, I might add has been stealing her $48K annual pay - by doing absolutely NOTHING!) The good news is I believe she will be out of a job the end of the year - fingers crossed.

I have so much to do today - and then a Walmart run to get watch batteries. I gave thegrandson a Mickey Mouse watch of mine, and he has been begging to wear it - but that is not happening till I change the battery. (Having worked in jewelry for so many ears - I can change any battery in my sleep.) He learned to tell analog time (or is still finessing the art), so his own watch will aid as a teaching tool.

Have to run and start the chores. Have a great day, and echoing my daughter's thanks - THANKS FOR ALL THE WELL WISHES!!



Annette said...

You are welcome, and just glad things came out great. That is the most welcome news for sure and now you can go on vacation and enjoy your time for sure. Have fun and enjoy.

giggles said...


Have a GREAT vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John said...

That sure is great news indeed! I'm so happy for the whole family, especially theddaughter! And what a nice thank you from her. I see where she gets her good manners from!

I'm so excitd (and jealous) that you get to get away and watch your grandson's face the first time he see's the ocean! Nothing like it in the world!

I have a Mickey Mouse watch too, but haven't worn it in awhile because it needs a new battery! It seems nobody wants to install a new battery unless they know for sure that you bought it from them! I've heard excuses like they've damaged people's watches trying to get the back off. So I have a huge collection of watches...but only one that is working!

I know you're a tanner, but I hope you remember some sunscreen, especially for thegrandson!

Have a great time!

ZenYenta said...

Very glad to hear this. I know this will bring down wrath upon me but we've had some unfortunate experiences with PA's too. I don't think it's that they're not good so much as they get put more in the position of doctor than they really should be in some cases.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

I'm so glad that everything came back OK. Now it's time to talk to the PA about bedside manner and when she should consult her boss before trying scare tactics on a patient. I personally would share my "thoughts" with her, but I'm a bitch.

skyewriter said...

I'm so happy for your best of all news.

What a relief, huh? And a total understatement :).

Have a great vacation, take lots of pictures and I know you'll have good stories to share when you return.

Big hug to you, your daughter, and fam.


slyght said...

john... if only you knew her. manners? hah

Chickie said...

So glad everything is okay with thedaughter! The PA needs a good talking to, there's not reason she should have freaked someone out like that.

Grandpa Eddie said...

I am soooo glad to here that everything came back clear.