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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The Governor of South Carolina needs to be strung up by his toes and left out in the hot sun!! He gets no sympathy from me for being a "cheater!" As seen here, he has a lovely wife and family, and chooses to take off to Buenos Aires for a clandestine meeting with his slut. Yes, I said slut!! Women who decide they have found the "love of their life" in a married man, need to wake up and smell the coffee. If a man cheats on his wife - he WILL cheat on his whore also.

I speak from experience here. My late husband was not a governor - he wasn't that smart...but he had a loving family which he denied to all he knew. He painted an ugly picture of us to his paramours and the rest of his family. Men who cheat, thrive on the lies. Amazingly, many people, be it family or friends believe each and every word that they spew forth. Lies, which I refuse to even address. I am comfortable in the life we offered - although the lies paint something horrid.

Gov. Sanford made an ass of himself when he decided he wasn't going to accept the stimulus package for his state. Now, he left HIS state - the one in which he is responsible 24/7 - without a word or itinerary given - to screw his whore for a few days. I certainly hope he got his jollies, because his feet are in the fire now! The Lieutenant Gov. of SC had some valid points as to the governor being "missing." Control of the state was literally up in the air for those few days.

I see impeachment in this fukktards future. I also see the wife making out like a bandit because, for as smart as he thought he was....GOTCHA!!! The next few days should be interesting - as we get to watch this lame excuse for a man...squirm. Works for me.


Thegrandson finished up his baseball season last night. There was a two day playoff session, and unfortunately, we lost both games. His team came in fourth - and he still has a huge trophy to show for his efforts.

I practiced with him before both games, and gave the usual pointers (I coached Little League and Girl's Softball for years), but I think his team was basically worn out. I loved this team, because it was FUN. I have encountered many teams being coached by fathers, living their failed sports lives vicariously through their sons. I've seen the irate tantrums thrown by these parents to the point that the children are brought to tears. That doesn't cut it with me. I had to take one man down a peg or two last night. He was no fun at all - he just walked away. Harumph!!

This is thegrandson receiving his trophy after a handshake with the coach. I'm very proud of him and I know he has the drive to continue with baseball for the next several years. this is a sport I truly love to watch and advise a little in my own way.

Tomorrow, the stinker starts his swimming lessons - so he is again getting excited. And...as far as I know, theson has not been in any more car accidents. Two in two days is more than enough for me.

I hope everyone in bloggy land is doing well and I shall return.....later.....


Nan said...

I am so disappointed. I had high hopes he'd gone off to Thailand to frolic with underage boys. So many of these Republicans are cheating on their wives that Sanford isn't news, he's a cliche.

I've never understood women who knowingly enter into relationships with married men either. A person who will cheat on one partner will cheat on any partner.

skyewriter said...

Great family photos.


My dad cheated on my mom for the last two years my parents were married with a lab technician in his business.

Three months after the divorce was final, dad married the stupid bitch (yup, that's what she is) and tried to claim they had gotten together only a short time *after* my parents separated.

She's been *in* the family now for 28 years... and she and my dad are righteous as hell about other people who commit adultery.

kirby said...

It won't be long before an investigation finds out that he used either public money or campaign funds to finance his trips to Argentina. Stick a fork in him, he's done.

Scott J. said...

It's OK - he's a Republican.

kenju said...

Congrats to the grandson!!

That governor deserves to be crucified.