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Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Thedaughter has been dreading today, as she had a doctor's appointment at 10:30am for a biopsy. She had her annual gyne checkup last week, and for that appointment, she didn't even see the DOCTOR, but a Physician's Assistant. I have not had the greatest experiences with PA's and make an adamant statement on any visits I have, I pay to see a doctor, that's what I expect.

Anyway, my daughter was born with a mole on her breast, (on nipple) and it has never been a worry in her 29 years. Our family physician always checks for changes and such, which until recently there were none. But now, one breast has become larger than the other (the one with the mole), and she had a little drainage (which she omitted telling me). So the PA stated that she felt a biopsy needed to be taken, and thedaughter told her she would make arrangements for when we returned from vacation on the 15th. Hells bells, the PA called thedaughter the next day AT WORK - scaring her to death, stating she was VERY worried and wanted it tended to immediately.

Thedaughter called me from work crying, as this PA was alluding to the big "C". I have to note here, thedaughter told her to call the HOUSE if she needed to get a hold of her. So much for a PA with a brain.

This has been preying on her mind for one solid week. There is a long history of cancer in the family which does not help at all. We went this morning, and our doctor, who is also a friend, was slightly pissed that this PA made such a big deal and urgency over this. I won't go so far as to say I believe it should be ignored - so he did the biopsy, and put an ASAP order on it - so possibly we will have the results by Friday afternoon.

I am exhausted though, as we have been trying to gather everything together for vacation - and if thegrandson had his way - he would pack his entire toy room. So I'm taking a break this evening - and hopefully will have something for tomorrow.

Theson sent me a link I may use, so I need to rest my brain a wee tad. Hope veryone has a great evening. It is frigid here - 50* at the moment. I'm not complaining though. I had to buy a new thermostat yesterday, as the one I had, had a touch pad that decided not to respond to touch anymore, and I couldn't adjust the temp for the AC. Thanx to theRuss for coming to my rescue and wiring it for me. I was going to tackle the job, but I have a healthy respect for electricity.

With that, I leave you....goodnight!!!! I'm going to try and find the Pens on a local channel - jeesh what a job.


John said...

Hope when you've read this that you did get some rest! Put the coffee and turn off the computer! I hope & pray thedaughter will be ok. Will be watching your blog for updates. Take care.

Chickie said...

Keeping my thoughtbeams on for thedaughter.

Annette said...

Hope everything turns out okay for thedaughter. It is tough waiting I know. Just tell her to hang in as much as she can...

Peruby said...

More things in common. A dermatologist scared the bejesus out of me and my daughter with the moles on her back. I never went back to that bozo.

Respect for electricity bordering on fear. That's me.

Many of my posts are about both of the above mentioned subject.

Best wishes to your daughter that her test comes back negative as all of my daughter's have so far.

giggles said...

oh.... man..... positive vibes, right to ya!!

Mnmom said...

MOST OF THE TIME it turns out to be nothing. Now I'm a breast cancer survivor and I'm absolutely fine, so even cancer can be dealt with. But more often than not, these things are benign.

Actually, I'm grateful that PA put a little fire under her to get things moving and tested. You want to catch anything small and early. That's this cancer survivor's two cents. Better safe than sorry.

Grandpa Eddie said...

I don't think there is a PA in the country with a brain. My wife has dealt with them before and they like to "order" tests that aren't need, not to say that thedaughter's isn't.

My wife is a BC survivor, too. She wishes now that she had gotten a second opinion from a Dr out of the clinic she was going to at the time. She may not have been butchered like she was if she had.

Best wishes to thedaughter. We're pulling for her.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Sending out postitive thoughts for the daughter. Better safe than sorry when dealing with stuff like that, but I would talk to the PA about an appropriate way to do it.

My Former doctor got a PA and all of a sudden I stopped getting to see my doctor. Sorry, but I'm paying for the doctor and if he didn't want to see me I changed to one that did.

Anonymous said...

Hope everything turns out well for your daughter.