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Friday, June 19, 2009


While on vacation in Ocean City, Md., my favorite sport was when we had to actually drive somewhere - MAKING THE U-TURNS!! Everywhere locally, the act of U turns is a legal no-no, and the fines are stiff. Ha! On the Ocean Highway which runs the length of Ocean City (Salisbury also), U turns are legal, and practiced overtly. thedaughter was almost laughing hysterically, when I said all I wanted to do was run the length of the boulevard and just make U-turns. IT DOES NOT TAKE MUCH TO MAKE ME HAPPY!

We took one day to head to Assateague, where we were told there was a drive thru zoo, where the animals came to the cars, and also miniature horses. Alas, someone lied to us. It would involve a lot of walking and the first obstacle was a bridge with an 80* incline. I don't think so.
These signs just made me so happy, and they were everywhere. I need to talk to the powers that be, and inform them that there may be a therapeutic benefit to being able to make these turns. Of course, the downside would be the ease with which one could vent even further road rage, I guess. Oh well, not my problem. My road rage consists of verbal phrases rather than any physical confrontations.

I believe we only ran into ONE of these signs. Which upset me greatly, but I adapted.


I just downloaded some more pictures taken on the old Sony camera, and these were some activities thegrandson found to be quite fun, on the beach at the Boardwalk.

This wooden fort play structure was closest to the boardwalk, and as you walked north, there were others, a tank, a boat and so on. I believe he managed to play on all of them. My back was killing me just from walking - and he even wanted me to come out and play on these things - so not happening.

This was the gorgeous drive to Assateague, the trees were gorgeous as they draped across the roadway.


Warped Mind of Ron said...

Looks like a good time. I think I could use a few u turns myself.

Mommy Lisa said...

I love the trees...so serene.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Love the shot of the trees.

Love the U turn, too! I think I would have done every one of them all the way up the highway.


west, texas has no u-turns all over town..no one pays them any mind except the nazi cop irwin...the little bastid.

Chickie said...

I can't drive without u-turns. It would drive me crazy!