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Monday, June 22, 2009


but this law is definitely warranted. I do believe I may have posted something about this in the past. Oh well...may as well keep it out there. Frank was adamant when he proposed this law federally - but it was shot down last year. But Boston DID pass the law last November. As you can see here, there are many states that have made the crime of possession a simple civil fine.

I just don't get it - or maybe I do. The legislators refuse to give credence to any law regarding lessening the criminality of this harmless plant, but I'm sure that if someone would pose the changing of alcohol consumption laws - they would definitely deny that change. Whatever would they do without their three martini lunches? They would miss out on their yearly vacations to rehab (for alcoholism). Tsk-tsk.

I've said it before - I'd rather be around someone who is stoned than DRUNK! And I mean that. A little herb ensures a good night's sleep for me. It also take my mind off the constant pain I endure. Whew...the big Pharmas would rather charge me a mortgage payment to utilize their medications.

Well, thanks for all the well wishes for theson and his Egyptian auto accident. The clincher...he was "rear ended" on the way home from work TODAY. I finally Skyped him, and told him it might be a good idea to stay home from work tomorrow. The corporation he works for, will be getting a lot of rental vehicles repaired at this rate. His usual driver, Emad, was not driving today, as when he went to the police station to do whatever they do in a foreign country - they lost his drivers license. Hopefully, he will get that all taken care of tomorrow in Cairo in time to pick theson up after work. My fingers are crossed - not to mention the flip-flops my heart is going through.

Thegrandson had his first play off game for baseball. He played well, a double, single and 4 RBI's. Alas, they lost 9-7. Tomorrow we play again in the insufferable heat. I took a shower before the game tonight - big mistake, I need another one now.

Something has totally amazed me. I promised thegrandson when we got home from vacation, I would sign him up for swimming lessons. Many, many moons ago, I taught swimming lessons for the Red Cross. I imagined I would call the local pools and see when the courses would be offered - no such thing anymore. He will get 1/2 hour, one day a week from a private instructor. No big deal really, but have the cut-backs affected water safety now? I enjoyed teaching adults - mostly all were afraid of water. I had a 100% success rate. But that was also 40 years ago. I can still swim quite well, but the patience to teach - NOT. Thegrandson should certainly concentrate with a good looking high school girl. (If he carries the family genes.)

I really have to get in the shower...I'm sure I am rather fragrant and people in this neighborhood get such an attitude sometimes. Thegrandson is all shiny and sparkly, so it's my turn. Have a great evening and I will check back........later..........


Grandpa Eddie said...

Well, at least we've got one person in Congress on the right track.

Glad to hear theson is alright....again.

Better luck at tonight's game.

John said...

I couldn't agree with you more, I too would much rather be around a stoner than a drunk!

Note to self: Never try to drive in Egypt. And yes theson should stay home! Things happen in threes so many times, eek!

Thegrandson keeps you hoppin' doesn't he! I am so jealous! I would give anything to see my grandson's games, but he lives 12 hours away :-(

Catch 'ya later.
*Oh snap!*

Lisa said...

I am so glad to hear that your son is doing okay. What a run of rotten luck!