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Sunday, June 28, 2009


We definitely get NO guarantees in this world. Here we have another 50 years young person passing away unexpectedly. I caught the "twitter" yesterday, as he was on a US Air flight landing in Tampa, and the main nose wheels blew out upon impact. No one was hurt, but a little excitement to the flight was felt by all.

I was over on FB, and Dr. MVM made a statement about Billy Mays dying, so I had to, of course, check it out. I would NEVER doubt Dr. MVM - ever.

Noted names over the past 5 weeks include, David Carradine, Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson and now...Billy Mays. The theory of "coming in threes" has been blown out of the water.

I can't say I was a fan of Billy Mays so much as the novelty of his career. We have reached an age where the "pitchmen" are becoming larger than life stars. One would only have to hear Mays' booming voice to recognize him. He was definitely good at his job - as OxyClean and other products sales soared. If he had cornered the market on most items - he probably wished he had garnered the Sham Wow also.

RIP Billy Mays and all those who have recently departed this world. As I said we have no guarantee on tomorrow - so tell those that you love how much they are appreciated. I never end a conversation with those I love - without saying so. We may have our disagreements and disputes, but I never want there to be a question when I'm gone - that I do so love those near to me.

Have a great Sunday......later............


Utah Savage said...

I'm being reminded of the importance of speaking my love for my friends anew each day now. So, thanks for your kindness and support in this, a difficult summer so far for me.

Chickie said...

Billy Mays came across to me as a guy who was looking for work. Like, if he didn't sell you this product then HE was going to be in trouble.

I've always been one to end a conversation on a good note. You just never know.

Lisa said...

Seems like June has been a tough month for celebrities.

Susan said...

We were talking about the thress thing, too. Does that mean we have two more coming up? Hope not.

rennratt said...

My daughter is devastated by the death of Billy Mays. She LOVES him.

She is extremely concerned about how "Sully" will cope - and whether or not 'Pitchmen' will be canceled as a result.

Like I said, she LOVES him.