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Tuesday, June 02, 2009




The only difference between these two is the size of the building and the amount of casualties. Nevertheless, both were committed by homegrown American terrorists. Scott Roeder, who is the "alleged" murderer of Dr. Tiller, is just that - a domestic terrorist.

I have seen all the commentators and their guests, both on the right and the left - and I am very much pissed off. All this anger is aimed at the conservative religious right wing! I have heard Bill O'Reilly over the past several years blather on and on about "Tiller the baby killer." I've seen his hatchet men, attack people with the cameras, trying to corner people into making some admission or omission to make his ratings soar. When all the dust settles on this case, and is in the courts, I feel "Bill O" will be targeting Kathleen Sebalius as well.

Here's my perspective. These news shows have had many "commenter's" and they are mostly males. The males seem to be screaming the loudest, condemning the "baby killers", the loss of all those future American babies and such. What is wrong with this picture? How loudly have these bastards complained about the senseless loss of American lives in a senseless war? Hardly any, unless they need to bolster their own political agenda.

Randall Terry, leader of Operation Rescue, has no sympathy for the loss of life here, only that "this man had no time to make everything right with God." How fucking insane. Dr. Tiller believed in what he was doing, he offered a service and thankfully for HIPPA laws, we do not actually know how many late-term abortions were performed. A presumption on my part, but I would imagine the number is low. But these radicals are placing all abortions on that level...WRONG.

For anyone to think that making the decision to have an abortion is an easy choice, think again. Women do not arbitrarily wake up one morning and say "Hey, today seems like a good day to get rid of this baby!" Men, as a rule cannot think as a woman. They cannot possibly understand what underlying reasons exist - to terminate a pregnancy. I do not believe that abortion is used as birth control either.

An unplanned pregnancy may be complicated by so many factors, all of which should be personal. It is not for me or anyone else to presume to judge a person for their decisions. When I hear anyone say that a baby is a gift from God, I want to choke. Excuse me, two people had sex, sperm and egg met and voila - a FUTURE baby. A future dependant which is either welcomed and planned, or possibly unplanned with exigent circumstances that make having a child a burden in one way or another - the point is - we don't know why one makes that decision, but IT IS THEIR DECISION.

ALL these men, presuming to force a pregnancy to term on any woman is abhorrent. That mentality by men, that they know all and can judge all has to be stopped.

Consider this men...deadbeat dads fail to pay child support between 35 and 50% of the time. Some men just go forth and multiply, like it is their right, and pay nothing to support these offspring. But the O'Reilley's of the world, the judge and juries of all - feel they can step forth and speak for all women. No way fucking Jose'. You nor any man speaks for me.

And since O'Reilly feels he is NOT backpedaling on the Tiller issue...so be it. But say what you will Bill - you are the one who has made Dr. Tiller a target over the years, with your incessant lies and "bloviating." You appealed to the "God smacked" Scott Roeder's of the country. You gave him every reason in the world to take a gun, and remove this Doctor from the lives of his loving family. You are the one granting the claim of "justifiable homicide" to these NUTS. Will you lose any sleep over the terrorist act you perpetrated? Hardly. You are as bad as Rev. Phelps with all the hate you thrive on. Your own God complex will be your undoing - someday.

Till that time comes - women need to stand up against these fukktards. Men should never be in charge of "specific" female gendered laws. We need more women to speak up - to tell these men, when they start gestating the future generations of the world - then they can lay claim to decisions governing our bodies.

Just an aside...O'Reilly made a closing comment last night that "the far left is EXPLOITING the death of Dr. Tiller." Exploiting - no, calling you out on your prodding of these terrorists...YES!!

Again, O'Reilly may not have encouraged Scott Roeder personally, to murder Dr. Tiller - but he did make Dr. Tiller a TARGET, over the years.

I could go off on a tangent here, but I think I have stated my feelings rather well. Have a great day and I may return.....later..........


Nan said...

The idiots like O'Reilly who blathered on and on about how horrible Dr. Tiller was had no clue what they were talking about. But then most of those men just view women as walking incubators anyway -- it's all about the fetus; the woman is a just a vessel.

skyewriter said...

Chris Matthews (whom I can take in only small doses these days) had a great guest on last night in the opening segment of Hardball.

You may have to watch the clip for accuracy, but the guest claimed that 88% of *all* abortions are performed during the first trimester. Another 10% are between months three and five.

The remaining 1-2% of the over 1,000,000 abortions annually are characterized as late-term abortions.

The way people are characterizing this type of D & C you would think that every woman who chooses an abortion procedure (or even has one due to a health issue) would be like these in the spotlight.

Choice is choice is choice.

We either have it or we don't. And federal law protects our choice but I'll be tarred, feathered, and quartered before I accept Congress, the White House, or the SCOTUS making a single change to that choice.

As the pro-lifers like to argue, protect the fetus--f*ck the mother.

Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

When I hear 'tard males complain that women would casually discard a foetus on a whim, or out of selfishness, if abortion were generally and easily available, I want to inquire of them if 1) they have any intimate female relations or acquaintances, and if so 2) do their significant female relations know how deep is the contempt their man bears for the women in his life, such that he could attribute to all women and any woman such base motives.

Seeing Eye Chick said...

Do the hold a funeral every time I menstruate? No? Many pregnancies end at a woman's monthly cycle or a little after. Spontaneously.

Oh No! Does that make me a Baby Killer?



Pertty much!

Grandpa Eddie said...

Very well said themom!

I totally agree with you that men must step completely away from women's health issues, especially when it comes to abortion. Most men can't, or better yet, won't take responsibility for their actions when it comes to a pregnancy...so there should be nothing that gives them the right to tell a woman what she can and can't do with her body.

Until we can stop the hate speech from the right-wing pundits things like Dr. Tiller's death will continue. O'Rielly and his ilk must be stopped, and the sooner the better.

Annette said...

You did well Marie.. There is nothing I can add.

rennratt said...

I was recently told that women that use birth control pills 'may' unknowingly be performing abortions...because the pill prevents the POTENTIAL of pregnancy. (Isn't that the point?) The person that said it was MALE.

I'm stunned when people are 'pro life' AND 'pro death penalty'. After all, EVERYONE is someones child. I like to freak out the Conservatives by pointing that out on a regular basis. (I'm not particularly popular at church, btw...)

themom said...

Nan: And no one ever mentioned that he was an OB-GYN, with all the responsibilities that entails. He helped couples, and I have heard he assisted people in adopting children also.

skyewriter: O'Reilly "spins" the late term abortion, without even considering the factors of it being a life saving procedure wither for the baby or the mother. These are not arbitrary in the least.

Woody: I see some female empathy here. You are quite in tune and it is appreciated.

Seeing Eye Chick: Another good aspect to be cited. I guess we females are all murderers now.

Grandpa Eddie: I am all for stopping O'Reilly. And thanks.

Annette: Thanks, and your post is excellent.

rennratt: I've heard that from a Catholic friend before...duh?!?!?

slyght said...

as far as stupid people procreating, you may have seen this article. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/05/27/desmond-hatchett-29-year_n_208393.html

and i once heard that republicans are against abortion because they need people to fight the wars they start. or something like that.

themom said...

Slyght: Thanks son, I had read that article and couldn't locate it again to cite. That guy adn Booger's father are cut from the same cloth...prime examples of irresponsible men - and possible with the attitude that they have the power to make decisions over women's bodies. Grrrr....

Blonde Goddess said...

I love to come here and read your posts. They are so well put.

助けて~! said...

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