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Monday, June 29, 2009


but I have had to place "word verification" back on the comments to this blog. Apparently some IDIOT has nothing better to do late at night, than leave comments on many posts at one time - in CHINESE!!! I'm sorry for the inconvenience. When I turned this machine on this morning their were 18 damn oriental comments - and I couldn't tell you if they were sales pitches, or from an admirer or plans for a nuclear warhead. Some people are just totally ignorant.

OK, that is off my humongous chest - on to other things. I found a recipe online for Outback's Alice Springs Chicken, and I am in puppy heaven. When I get a craving - that is all I desire. But at almost $14 a pop, not including the salad and drink, realistically I only get there maybe once a month.

This recipe is EXACTLY like the restaurant's. If anyone is interested, I will email the link. Thedaughter doesn't like the honey mustard sauce, but I could devour it on everything. The only downside, if you want it in a hurry, is the time to marinade the chicken. Other than that - it was a piece of cake chicken!!

I swear at my age, it certainly doesn't take much to make me happy. I can make one of my favorite meals now at a fraction of the retail price.

Tomorrow is the last day of June, and I would certainly hope that there are no more deaths of note. I think the past 5 weeks have been more than enough for the average bear. I am sick and tired of hearing about MJ. I remember when Elvis dies, I had ALL his albums and everyone and their mother wanted copies. I spent weeks playing them over and over to make people happy.

The immediacy of the news today is quite different than in 1977, but nevertheless, I think we have heard just about everything of MJ from womb to death. My instincts tell me that this will be a daily news item for months to come, with this one suing that one and so forth. Good grief.

BERNIE MADOFF - will die in prison. He was sentenced to the recommended 150 years today, which makes me totally elated. His wife Ruth supposedly broke her silence, to exclaim that she was saddened, because "this is not the man I have been married to all these years." Duh?!?! She knew exactly what he was doing and enjoyed the loot as much as he. She was in collusion with wiring money from accounts and sending her gems to Florida friends and relatives - I have NO sympathy for this bitch, and really get irate thinking she was allowed to keep $2.5 million. Our justice system stinks.

Have to get off here, a necessary email has to be sent to theson and I have been putting it off. Have a great evening and I shall return....later.....


SamuraiFrog said...

Sadly, I've always had word verification, and that same Chinese spammer has hit me several times (including last night). One time, I got on the computer only to find they'd left that comment on 50 of my posts. That was a deletin' morning.

skyewriter said...

I am with you on the MJ coverage. He lived. He sang. He danced. He's gone.

Some people are acting like he was some great humanitarian or philanthropist.

He was an odd recluse, with a sad life and some strange wardrobe choices.

Yeah, he was the "king" and a legend in his own mind, but really Elvis will always be the king.

Mnmom said...

I'm also with you on the MJ thing. Our media is going to beat this one to death and wring every little drop out of it. OK, great singer, great dancer, strange pedophile, creepy man, he'd dead. Move on!

Email me on FB with that chicken recipe please!!!!