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Saturday, June 27, 2009


Not being one to really "sleep in...I was awakened early this morning with psycho kitty Isis - staring me in the face and purring so loud the shutters shook. WTF is up with that.

This cat is not friendly to anyone except me and even that is always short lived. A few pets and tweaks behind the ears and she is ready to take my head off. Everytime thegrandson just walks by - she starts growling. The feline is now 12 years old and so not like the loving cats I have had in the past. I always had cats that would jump and sit on your lap, just to be close not necessarily for constant petting. Oh well, I'm stuck with the psycho cat rom hell till her time is up - and with my luck she will live to be 30.

Now, not that I want to get into any big discussion at the moment, but I just read that Ruth Madoff has ceded $80 million in assets, but gets to retain $2.5 million in cash. WTF is up with that. She was as greedy a bitch as her husband, and has no qualms about the damage done to those who were defrauded and close to homelessness. She was caught making huge (gigantic) wire transfers of money before the axe fell on poor Bernie! She was culpable of sending all the jewelry through the mail at Christmas time - albeit caught redhanded by the SEC and FBI. I need some excedrin - this makes my head hurt.

I shall just keep my blinders on for a few hours and not deal with the whole Madoff thing. Oh....and I'm sick of hearing about Michael Jackson also. When he was a child - he was adorable and had some great songs. After he became white and whacko - I was no longer impressed. Yes, it's sad that a life ended so young...but the same could be said of Farrah Fawcett. I truly don't need to hear all the sordid details rehashed over and over again, about his past history. Enough already!!!! There are more serious issues in the world that need out attention.

Needless to say, my attitude, not to mention thedaughter's is really ripe at the moment. We had to get "into it" with thegrandson's baseball coaches wife - and this is never pleasant. The sad part, this woman (same age as thedaughter) were softball rivals all thru school and still have a dislike for each other. this time, thegrandsons feelings were at stake and we had no choice but to call them on this issue. It's all now over and done and we are working on a cool down period. No blood was spilt although I was fearful at one point. Before thegrandson plays baseball next year, I will see that there are some changes made to how Junior Sports is operated, to avoid these arguments. Grrr...I hate to get my dander up at my age - but I can still hold my own!!!

Have a great weekend and will check back......later............


Debbie said...

I've sounded off on the Madoffs before. That makes me sick too.
And I have a crazy cat as well. I feel for you!

Lisa said...

Lord how I dislike confrontation like the one you had to deal with. I hope things simmer down soon.

And cats are just nutty sometimes. The four we have each have their own quirks and they become more pronounced as they get older. Like people, I guess.

Have a great Sunday.

Utah Savage said...

Most of my cats have been just as you describe. They have seemed to only like me and only in small doses.

As for all the rest, I agree completely.