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Monday, January 30, 2006

...the flu or ordinary cold

OH GOD!!! I can't breath...blowing my nose incessantly...feel like crap...head ready to BLOW UP!!! I love my grandson more than life itself - but give me a break...he gave me his cold/flu! I was planning on coming home and going to bed to get warm and cozy - but NO -- the daughter wasn't supposed to work and alas, the most important job in the universe calls her in to work - so babysitting again. If I am this sick in the morning I will call off work, something i NEVER do, but feel like a big pile of shite! have to get over this thing before the weekend for SUPER BOWL. I plan on enjoying the hell out of that game.

Slyght received his package of Steeler stuff, so he will be good to go. He can cuddle up with his TERRIBLE TOWEL now!! I expect great pics of emma and him celebrating the Steeler victory. The Drive for Five is going to be great. The Steelers arrived in Detroit today, all wearing the green No.6 Notre Dame jersey Bettis wore in college. How neat! I am very excited but try to contain myself. (right?!?!?!)

Oh well, I am going to try and curl up inside a kleenex box for the night, me and my irritated red nose!! damnit! Everyone think good thoughts for Sunday. Later guys!


slyght said...

yup, wore the bettis jersey and hat to the bar last night. will wear the rest on sunday at work, monday for the game and work. might have to hide the tattoos. i mean real tattoos are professional but fake tattoos, the customer might remove me from site. hah.

slyght said...

i know you are sick but come on. you gotta blog and update us with pictures and phlegm reports and current temperature. we need to know whether to send in the national guard. love ya, hope you feel better soon.