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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

proud of the B-Town Boyz Blog

Well, the boyz are getting it together. their blog is getting better all the time. the graphics are really good (and different). oh btw, not sure if anyone is really looking for wasko (milk carton pic.) might want to put a pic of a lost puppy on there. i will have to have slyght help spruce my site up - i am definitely not THAT SMART! i need to figure out how to add picks and links. having such an ecclectic group all contributing to the same site is "inspirational" (haha).

...back to the Steelers. I am wearing all Steeler "stuff" till the game (and during) on sunday. the nfl powers that be, confirmed the idiocy of the troy polamalu call - made me feel better, although Cowher didn't seem as upset as me. may have to have a chat with the man!!! I will have to have chottlady get a babysitter for grandson on sunday - think i will find a place where the crowd is rowdy to watch the game.

...speaking of the grandson - he hasn't shut-up in three days. yaketty, yak - constantly. may have to find him some drugs. i love him more than life itself, but give me a break. i like "QUIET" too!. he was babbling on and on the other day, and i said "yes" to something and he ran upstairs like a fool and came back down almost crying. asked him what was wrong - he said i told him uncle zac was upstairs in his room!! NOW THAT BROKE MY HEART. i tried to explain about my inate power to "tune people out" and that i really didn't hear what he was saying. he is ONLY 5, but i don't think he understood. i must remember to do better with the little guy.

i might post again later today, after i get some things accomplished, gonna go back to bed for awhile since it is my day off and i worked very hard yesterday - i deserve a break!

c'mon slyght - you are slacking - get a new blog up and pick a new countdown!! can't wait!! BYE ALL!

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