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Sunday, January 08, 2006

i'm really going to get this done... right!!

ok - holiday season is over, and i am still lighting my tree every day and throughtout the house. now i'm not really sure if something eerie happens - if all decorations and ornaments are not stored safely away, immediately after New Years Day - but i am risking it anyway! i love the lights and the ambience, and once they are hidden neatly away in storage, my life will be back to BLAH!!! for the sake of the neighbors, i DID unplug the outside lights, just haven't removed them yet. baby steps i guess!!

in my entire life, i have always, i repeat always, taken everything down immediately after new years, but this year is exceptionally different. my son has not seen the decorations this year, other than webcam, and i feel they have to remain. ludicrous thought.

i have made up my mind to START the removal process tomorrow. i will get no help because my daughter works at 6 pm, so she will not have time to help. (go figure!!) so it will all happen in stages. i will plot the sequence, as if plotting a major assault in war. (could be a war here in this house - you never know!) i will document the progress.

if you noticed, i took a couple of days off from the blog, as nothing of any interest has happened. i actually went out (to a surprise 60th birthday party) last night, and didn't get home till 12:15 am. really threw my metabolism into a tailspin. kinda nice for a change.

HERE WE GO STEELERS!!! looked great against cincinnati today (after 1st quarter), then total domination. cowher keeps coming up with neat gadget plays, even bettis threw the ball (missed though.) still do not want him to retire. OK Cowher - pump them up and devise new gadget plays for your meeting with the colts next week, i am depending on you!!!

ok, gonna go for now, start devising my decoration removal strategy. later.

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