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Sunday, January 01, 2006

ahhh... first day of new year

after spending the new years eve alone and managing to depress myself beyond belief, i have decided to change that attitude completely. i spent most of that time reminiscing about the past, which only further depresses me. SO ENOUGH OF THAT!!

HERE WE GO STEELERS!! another win by my most favorite football team (sorry all browns fans). and i could consider another depression if Bettis retires. playoffs are in the future. now if some rich philanthropist wants to send me tickets to a game i would not refuse. the last playoff game i went to was with my husband in the early 90's. it was 15 degrees, snowing like a bitch, but we tailgated our hearts out. nothing funnier than seeing 15 freezing men lined up inside a dumpster to take a pee. and our seats were the very top row at three rivers stadium (we played the buffalo bills.) actually the top row wasn't too bad as there was an overhang which protected us from the snow. but talk about nosebleeds -- ohhh. we were so high a beer run consisted of everyone getting 4 beers for themselves.

the B-Town boyz site is beginning to take shape. i love input from each of the guys - definitely different perspectives. im'd and webcamed w/ slyght for several hours today, it was great. being in india for the past 11 months did not help my earlier depression, but seeing him works well.

started a cleaning project i have been putting off for some time. when i start one of these adventures, i also start "throwing things away" like crazy. after our house burned in 1984, i decided never to collect or save anything again. that worked for about 10 years then everything went to hell. so periodically, i have to get in a 'trash it" mood. anybody need a pack of twisties from glad bags? ------ too late - gone!! i am amazed - "out of site, out of mind" works, till you finally tackle the project. shocked by some of the things i discovered - yet soon to be trashed. now if i can get my daughter to cart some of the stuff to storage in the basement, the job will be complete. (even discarded old toys to make room for new ones colton got from santa) - whew had to get that trash bag tied up and out in a hurry.

ok - my new years resolutions.
1. lose at least 50 pounds
2. quit smoking
3. get a better job
4. see my son

oh hell, i know i can accomplish at least one of these. hint: #4

1 comment:

Paul said...

Just checking out your past posts and reading about New Years Resolutions...The year is almost 1/4 done and I was wondering if you have had any luck with the first three, I know the 4th can't happen yet but it will... You have similar resolutions to mine. Must be that middle aged thing!