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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Poor little guy - Colton is sick!!

Damn Flu!! Colton is a scrawny, 32 pound, five year old and has been down with the"FLU" for the second day now. He spent several hours in the ER yesterday, never to be seen by a physician - only physician assistants!!! Puke, Puke everywhere. He does not even really know he is going to be sick - UNITL IT IS ALL OVER THE PLACE!! Had a fever of over 103 degrees, which was brought down a little with Tylenol. But again, this morning, I hear his mother scream, and he did it again. OH MY GOD - she had to wash her bedding twice in two days. Just kidding CBB. He didn't want to drink anything, but managed to get 1/4 grilled cheese sandwich in him and some "blue fruit craze."

Breaks my heart when the little ones are ill. No doubt it is hard on any parent too, but it is one of the aspects of child-rearing. Just have to deal with it. From what I gather, 72 hours may be the duration of this yucky flu. We will see. I don't have those symptoms yet, but i have a cold sore on top lip, one under lower lip and getting a runny nose. Now, if all these continue to grow - my face is going to look like a clown mask. This is not a pretty picture.

Tried to leave early this morning to get Slyght's package to FedEx, but nothing went right, so by the time I get package off, I was 15 minutes late for work. Oh, well shite happens. It is always something. Have a day off tomorrow, so hope I can just lay back a little. (Odds are not in my favor though, supposed to have snow accumulation.)

Maybe more tonight, we will see. Behave everyone!!


jean said...

sorry my little buds sick...tell him if he's good i'll bring the badger down to see him...that'll cheer him up...take care and call if you need me...don't forget about thursday...

slyght said...

you got a counter now. anytime you wanna see who (IP address and kinda location) is visiting your site, go to statcounter.com, login, and look at recent visitor activities, etc. love ya

The daughter said...

Thankfully colton is back to his impatient self. He is as hyper as always. So much for a 72 hour flu. No school til next week to be sure he is better.