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Monday, January 02, 2006

back to routines... right!?!??!?!

all the festivities are over and family have gotten together and rturned home, so what is left but to regain normacly in our lives. boy that sounds good, but to date (middle-aged) i don't think i have ever experienced NORMAL.

my oldest daughter, her fiance and her 15 year old - 6' 2" son, came for their holdiay visit today. my gawd, that kid is BIG. i remember when he was a little fart (2 yrs old) running full stride all over the place. now he is a baseball and football standout. and getting good grades to boot. unbelievable. he gets along so well with colton, but unfortunatley his 11 year old brother couldn't come over today. my future son-in-law (6 yrs my junior) is a trip, and they make a fine couple.

all is quiet now, family returned home and i am here with colton to enjoy the evening. have to get up and out of here by 4:30 am in morning to take friend to pittsburgh airport to return to florida home. therefore, it would be super if i could get colton to sleep early. NOT HAPPENING!!! I am enjoyng a whole bottle of cafe' zinfandel - all by myself, so i know i should sleep well.

it appears that the B-Town Boyz all enjoyed their news years celebrations and check out the pic of the group Chumpassfool put on blog. He managed to insert slyght into the pic - so he wouldn't be left out. good job.

slyght is working incredibly stupid and long hours in india, and got the opprotunity to chat with him for a ong time yesterday. he is no fonder of india than before. can't wait to have him home.

following story on trapped w.va. coal miners, so very sad. holding out hope. till i think of more --- i'm outta here.

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