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Saturday, January 14, 2006

mourning and PAIN

ok - didn't take the time to write for two days, but i had my reasons. after tackling outside christmas decorations on an exceptionally windy day, i went into mourning over the loss of my small GOOSE. the damn thing is made of concrete, but the wind was so severe, it knocked one thing over on the front porch and cracked the goose on the head, hurling it onto wooden deck and ALAS - my goose has a broken neck. Now it is going to look pretty silly with all the outfits i have for it - and NO HEAD. my grandson loved to change its outfits seasonally and was really upset. i told him no problem - we will just pretend it has a head - needless to say that did not cheer him up. highly unbelievable. i may have to go on a mission and get another goose, this time a larger one, as outfits for my small one were hard to come by. oh well, something more to deal with!! drat - curses!

now for the PAIN!! before going to bed, my ritual is to turn off all the lights, head to the bathroom - then to bed. well, when coming out of the bathroom (no lights on) i tripped over the DOG (angel from prior blog) who was laying right in the middle of the floor, grabbed the small tv in my way (it hit the floor), stubbed my toes on small table (colton uses in toy room) throwing me into bannister - sending glass baking dishes over the side onto basement concrete floor! it was loud, and messy - not to mention the TWO bleeding toes which are undeniably BROKEN. after at least one minute of swearing @#$$%%#% - grandson Colton comes out and says, "what's wrong Nina?" oh nothing, thought it was way to quiet in this house, thought i would shake things up before going to bed!!!" my foot throbbed all night, and had to work the next day (thursday). i couldn't wear a shoe, thank god it was in the 60's, wore my sandals. Now today is another story, foot still painful and swelled and going to snow. hmmm... haven't a clue what kind of shoe to wear today. LIFE SUCKS!!!

hell, deal with it - right!!?? let the healing begin.

love the "blogs from the BOYZ!!!" very interesting!! keep 'em coming. later


jean said...

soooo sorry to hear the bad news about your duck breaking its little neck, my duck sends her condolences from her little concrete heart...yes my friend thats the idea,turn off all the lights and take a chance of breaking your toes...thats sounds like something i would do...take care...

Anonymous said...

The smartest people in the world would forget to put a light on to walk from one room to another so this doesn't say much for THE MOM.

the daughter