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Sunday, January 15, 2006


Oh my God!! I knew I should have refilled my heart medication!! I made sure I had all my outside errands run, so I could be home for the Steeler-Colts game. I am good - got in the door at 12:56 PM. Amazingly enough, slyght was online (not sober - but online) and I started giving him play by play accounts, till he said he had to do something more important - like SLEEP. I will give him that, it was 11:30 PM in India, and he worked hard today (yesterday) and was DRUNK. The steelers took off like a runaway train, and I kept posting to slyght - who kept telling me goodbye - but i knew he didn't mean it - till he WENT OFFLINE!! Guess he meant it Oh well, his loss. It was one of the most exciting games I have seen in awhile. Had to call a neighbor who is a big Bill Cowher fan (me too) and we were both going nuts. BUT - they tried to kill me with the tension in the fourth quarter. But all football fans know what happened, and I went to bettis' stats, and checked, the man just doesn't fumble - except for today, but he was redeemed in the end. Now it is off to mile high stadium to slaughter the broncos next week. STEELERS ARE SUPER BOWL XL BOUND!!

Now I have to survive the bears/panthers game. I am rooting for the panthers, i know slyght will be mad, he is a closet bears fan.

Had the grandson all decked out in steeler gear, told him it was all for good luck!! he believed me. duh!! he doesn't really understand the game (poor thing he is only 5) but he never got tired of telling his "Nina, to shut up" that I was hurting his ears when i was yelling. sorry about that. I DO GET CARRIED AWAY SOMETIMES!

Have to get some cleaning and redding up done, maybe that will calm me down. Just had to share the STEELER MOMENT!!

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slyght said...

that is funny about colton telling you to be quiet. hah, i wish i could've watched it. sounds like the steelers have a good chance to beat the broncos. excelente!