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Monday, January 23, 2006


Ben, Jerome, Heinz, Troy, Joey and the rest of the crew were FANTASTIC! what a smooth game to watch. Not a lot of penalties, just move the ball across the goaline. I was glued to the tv, although this game was nowhere near the nail biter of last week against the Colts. I had goosebumps, to know that Ben kept his promist to bettis to get him to detroit this year. I don't care what other (non-steeler fans) people say, this team has so much HEART, I love to listen to their interviews, so much sincerity. ESPN and CNN sports commentators both said the same thing, no other team is a cherished to their home town fans as Pittsurgh Steelers.

I have to gather up some steeler "stuff" and fedex to slyght in India, so he will feel even better, when he is watching the super bowl at 3 am in the wee hours of the morning, before dawn, etc... told slyght to tell the fukkin' indians that super bowl is a global holiday - they ought to buy that, afterall they decorate the trucks with crepe paper and make a big celebratory shindig for the least little thing.

how about slyght finally figuring out that it may be wise to vaccinate oneself, because of various bug, virus', bacteria, etc...? superman caves in? he still swears that after eating all that green pizza in college, his body is immune from any bacteria or bug!!! RIGHT!!

since i am at work at the moment, i may add more tonight, but have to stop for now!!!

have a good day everybody.

1 comment:

CHRIS said...

Hopefully BIG BEN will go back to Jills and Bill will get to shake his hand again before the superbowl!!!!Maybe we'll get more than a stogie, Way to go Black & Gold.