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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

... good start

i did it!! i began the assault on storing all christmas decorations. i must admit i made a large dent in the project, but still have a bit to do. the tree is back in its hiding place for another 11 months, some of the decorations have also made it back to their place of repose. alas, the santas are the last plan of attack. having collected them for many years (and a large $$$ investment), i do hate hiding them away. if i ever hit the lottery, i will add on to my house and have a "christmas room." who needs another bathroom, anyway? now all i have to look at is a sort of "bareness." so, I have decided to change the decor a little. rather than all the country knick-knacks i have had, i am putting up snowmen and bears. so childish isn't it? hell, you only live once, and i will DO IT MY WAY!!!

the daughter complained constantly, on the weight of the bins, the effort to get everything back in the basement, and oh -- her bad back. i managed to do most of it myself, hang the tree bag on the rafters, but forget my prior medical maladies.

saw that slyght is really HANGING today. so much for the whiskey my boy. cool it!! there is more to life than the booze, must we have this conversation again??

oh well, it's early and have to get ready for work, much to my chagrin. i would rather walk on hot coals than go, but have to make money, even if it is a paltry sum. (at least till something better comes along.)

everyone have a good day, LATER

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