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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Happy Birthday to ME!! lalalala

Oh well, another year older, guess it is better than the alternative. I have never ever been bothered by "age." It terrified my twin sister to turn 50, and she didn't make that milestone either. I miss celebrating together, we were a "unit" and were supposed to stay that way. Another one of life's funny tricks. But I DID have a nice birthday. Co-workers got me presents, my son got me an expensive gift card for a local spa/salon. I can do an all-day spa treatment, facial, full body massage, hair styling, nails (fingers & toes) and they throw in a meal to boot. Hope they don't laugh too hard over this body!!

And my very "bestest" friend and her adorable husband took me to dinner. What more could a person ask. I have to tell all, "the husband" is fanatically AGAINST the Pittsburgh Steelers and lets me know it regularly. Well, he dug down deep in the rag bag and found a Steeler AFC Championship shirt to give me for my birthday from 1995. AIN'T HE SWEET!! We all got a good chuckle! Good people.

...now the end of the Fedex saga. I received my package late last night, after a neighbor several doors away, found the package "TIED" to his back fence. DUH!! And the Fedex driver called me this morning stating "I did attach the package to your fence by your garage." AGAIN WITH THE GARAGE I DON'T HAVE!! He insists that the "221" address was on the fence. Considering it was on a fence on a cross street where they have 4 digit addresses, I find that hard to believe. I had fun with him, asking if my garage was old, new or under construction and he said "what???" hee hee. Anyway, I am now in possession of my Steeler stuff, whether Fedex likes it or not!!! So there.

My grandson (and his mother) baked me a cake, and when I picked Colton up and came home, he made me close my eyes for the surprise. (**his mother is working, so just the 2 of us.) He said I had to light the candles so he could sing to me - it was terrific. He is so very proud of the cake. Plus his present was the big hug and kiss he had for me!! What more could a person want?

My son called me from India this morning for the birthday wishes, and our chat was great. He said it was a holiday in India (probably because of my birthday) but the downside is - on holidays, no alcohol sales. Sorry Slyght, have to stay sober on mom's birthday. Love ya bunches.

Enough for now, more at a later date.

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