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Friday, January 27, 2006

one year away from home...

well, it is official. sunday the 29th of january will be one year since zac went to godforsaken rajahmundry, india. for me it seems like a very quick year, but for zac - i'm sure it must seem like an eternity. and at the present, i don't believe there is any end in sight yet. i am counting on seeing him in march sometime, but the General sometimes has other ideas. slyght and emma may take some r&r in a nice place like new zealand or australia. ooh doesn't that sound nice!!!

between pictures and blogs, slyght has offered quite an insight into his life with the "indians." not to mention being bitten by some alien bug!!! he has managed to stay out of the USA long enough to recoup all his taxes for 2005 - how wonderful!!! probably more than i can make in 2 years.

now, i am trying to think of what "exciting" event or events he has missed while being overseas --- hmmm... let me think. NOPE, can't think of anything too major. he missed the backed up sinks in the kitchen, some water in the basement, all your basic, mundane, run of the mill, everyday garbage. luckily he HAS missed my many "meltdowns", but he would brush them off anyway.

he has missed his nephew - developing into a bright lad. (pain in the butt sometimes, but bright.) but with our webcams he spent christmas with us, and watched colton open every present.

i miss him every day and moment, but with modern technology, he really isn't that far away!! love ya baby!!

later all!!


slyght said...

easy there chief, you are going to make me blush. i have a reputation to uphold (no, not porn king, but hard ass). yeah right. love you too. i'll be home sometimes soon. i'll figure out a way.

jean said...

sure doesn't seem like a year...life is going too fast for me...yea zac is sure a hard ass...RIGHT!!!miss him too...can't wait to make that trip to pittsburgh to get him...hopefully soon...love'jean