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Sunday, January 29, 2006

a Sunday WITHOUT football

...talk about channel surfing. no football today and I am going crazy. resorted to nfl today on hbo, which was a rerun from the other day, but kept replaying the nfc and afc championship games from last week. nothing changed, seattle and pittsburgh still won!!! the steeler frenzy around here is wonderful. i have a couple of friends who, of course, could not afford super bowl tickets, and instead, have rented a hotel room in pittsburgh. that way they can celebrate right in the heart of the action, when PITTSBURGH WINS SUPER BOWL XL!! if i had thought ahead, i might have done that also.

everyone around here, are big into NASCAR, which i have very little understanding. slyght's blog is carrying a poll, as to which driver will be the best in the upcoming series. rots of ruck on that one!

checked out the new Lowe's store in wheeling this morning, YUCK!! much smaller than the st. clairsville store, and it is set up bass ackwards. also, very little selection on items. although convenient, I wasn't impressed. the daughter had to work, so babysitting was my call of the day again. we played, and played some more, till i was worn out and the cartoon network came in handy. after being off sick from school all last week, he is bathed and ready for bed, so he can be at school tomorrow. now if the school bus driver is on the job, the day will be complete. more often than not, we get a call at least a half hour beore we are to be at the bus stop, that the driver is off sick or didn't show. must be a great job!!

till something more exciting comes along...bye for now!!


The daughter said...

Even though you don't understand much Nascar you are doing you part by at least watching. If you truly went to a race even just as someone who just watches it occasionally, you would be hooked. It is a total rush. Research more into it like you do everything else. You may come to like it like us.

slyght said...

yup yup. definitely. can't be too tough since 98% of the time they only turn left...

that doesn't mean it's easy for them, only that there aren't TOO many rules you need to know.