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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

i do know my facts

since someone has chosen to comment to my last blog and beg me to check facts - i beg your pardon, i am quite aware of the facts. the take over of ankr by icg began in february of 2005. mr. hatfield and mr. kitts have been aggresively involved with this mine for over 9 months. there is responsibility to be taken by this company and i feel after the intense investigation is completed, this will all prove out. mr. hatfield had the opportunity after 20 minutes knowledge of the rumor (miners alive) to quell it and make a statement that nothing could be confirmed at that point and chose to wait. he admits it was a poor choice. i am sure this disaster has hit him hard also. but i await all results, so the truth may be known.


Anonymous said...

yes you know those facts i see, then u are aware that it was only since Nov they did, your comment that the CEO is a "spin doctor" werent accurate tho, he is human with feelings that came out clearly on the news, he also stated yes, hind site he would have gone to the church himself to let them know there was inaccurate information, at that moment he "assumed" that telling the clergy would be sufficient so he could stay where he was to get the accurate info

Anonymous said...

To anonymous:
the ceo being a spin doctor is tru from watching him he never once said umm or ahh in between statements and above all he never said "I am sorry" all hatfield wanted to say is that everything was done by protocol basically. get your facts straight and watch more news.

Anonymous said...

scuse me, he most certainly did say im sorry more then once, and he was so close to tears it was very hard for him to say much, it is true, the company has a responsiblity here, but the man is far from a spin doctor, and as u say it will come out in the end. its an unfortunate tragedy, but pointing blame to one man, who is sorry it occured is wrong, human decency needs to be brought back, seems most of the world has lost site of that

Jill said...

I'm sure everyone involved is devastated and reeling from this tragedy, but some need to step up and take responsibility.

Anonymous said...

He most certainly did not say he was sorry to any of the devastated family members he did however say "icg appologizes for the accident and an investigation will occur" get your facts straight. I watched all news day in and day out.

Anonymous said...

well best u watch a little closer, u seem to have missed some of the facts