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Friday, January 20, 2006

OK - don't comment on MY blog!!

I don't think anyone comes to my blogsite. No comments. Tell me I am brainless, a moron, ANYTHING!! Just a comment now and then please.

I will never be as witty as slyght, but I usually can hold my own. The only thing I feel like talking about now is the Pittsburgh Steelers and hopefully their appearance in Super Bowl XL. After getting 8 1/2 points last week against the super Indianapolis Colts, the bookies are a little scared this week, only giving Steelers 3 points. Hmmm... still the underdog. Maybe they are being underestimated again!! I HAVE FAITH!! I made the decision to wear all steeler stuff till at least Sunday, and then we will go from there. Since there would be a week off before Super Bowl, may have to change the wardrobe during the down time.

As soon as slyght shows me I will have plenty of steeler links to add here. Speaking of slyght - he is currently in Delhi or on his way back to Rajahmundry. Had to get his visa renewed. It doesn't seem like six months since Red got married (that is when he last renewed his visa.) time is really going quickly.

Chumpass's (too many sssss's) family is moving into the broadband area now. Each parent has their own computer - hell, they may never talk to one another again!! (unless thru email) ONLY IN A PERFECT WORLD!! HAHA!

More later, B-Town Boyz keep up the good work!



slyght said...

you are brainless, a moron, ANYTHING...

but i gotta love you, you're my momma and you helped me through college.

about the links... it is easy, there is a button above where you type, chainlink over a green globe. click on that, type in your webpage, hit "ok", then you get something like <a href="blah.com></a>. in between the ><, put the word you want to be the link. simplisimo... also, check the e-mail i sent you when you started blogging. i told you how to do this already.

Jules said...

Slyght wouldn't have ANY wit without you...

Enjoy the football weekend, we miss it here in the subcontinent.


slyght said...

ouch, she is a meanie

jean said...

marie my friend..yes you are quite witty and so am i and our sons get their wit from us...could anyone have any more fun than you and i...I DONT THINK SO!!!can't wait for the four of us to go out when zac gets home...yes russell and i have made it to the two computer family...we may never speak again...love jean

slyght said...

two computers? jebus. what the fizzle?! hope you are feeling better jean.

chris said...

HERE WE GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!I knew you would appreciate that one !!!! BIG BENS THE MAN!!!!!!