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Friday, February 03, 2006

...yes, i think i am near death

this is definitely more than a "cold".; i think it is some new strain of flu, far more severe than the impending bird flu. i do not usually complain, nor do i miss work, but i assure all that i have been a chronic complainer and to date have missed 1 1/2 days of work. i tried to go to work yesterday, but left at 1 pm, because of the pressure in my head. i have gone through two complete boxes of tissues, my nose is ready to fall off my face, and my head feels like it is the size of a basketball. one head (even if the size of a basketball) should not be able to produce so much junk like this. i have been in bed most of the time, and you flip from side to side and so does the JUNK!!! and the kicker.... i have lost my sense of taste. i want to eat something and have been consuming stuff just because my stomach says "feed me!!" but alas, i cannot totally appreciate the taste. Phyldot - i can understand your plight.

slyght wants a fully descriptive account of this plague, but i do not have the talents he has in describing things (see his blog, re: rabbit poop!) this is the best he will get from me.

again, i am going back to bed for the 4th day. there must be a cure soon or i prommise, you will all miss me when i am gone!!!

hopefully to return later, i remain....SICK!!!

1 comment:

jean said...

so sorry you are so sick..everyone seems to have this flu thing...told carrie i was here oif you needed anything...still here just giove me a call..was going to stop today but figured you might be sleeping..i'm here call when you get to feeling better..need anything just call...take care...love ya....jean...TTFN