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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year

Well, the holidays have certainly passed too quickly and here we are at the end of 2005. Just pondering the events of the past year and can't think of anything dramatic worth remembering. I have picked a lousy time to decide to blog, feel rather down in the dumps as it were. Only getting two days of work next week, worrying about finances, thinking about changes I need to make in my life - oh well, shite happens - I will get out of this funk.

I really wanted to go out this New Years Eve, but caught some damn bug and can't stay to far away from the meditation room. Lovely. Will probably be in bed by 10 or so - so everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR from me.

Really tickled with the B-town Boyz blog. A crazier bunch of guys you will never meet. They ought to be a real treat when they grow up. Just kidding - you are all maturing nicely. Hope you all behave tonight and think of poor Slyght, so many thousands of miles away. His New Years was rung in at 1:30 pm (our time) this afternoon. I am sure he is out like a light at this moment.

Slyght and his group have spent past New Years at this house and always had a good time. I always enjoyed tripping over the bodies the next morning. You never knew who was sleeping where!?!?!? I believe they even broke out the fireworks a time or two. (and usually I slept thru it all!)

HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!! (if I crawl out of my depression I will add more later!!)

1 comment:

jean said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR my friend...everythings changed for us and the boyz...wish we could go back for a while and relive just a bit of our boys and the fun the four of us had together...good times are never forgotten... lets hope this new year brings us happiness and WE BOTH LOSE 50 POUNDS!!!!love,best friend jean