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Friday, July 04, 2008

A rainy YUCKY 4th of July!...big deal

The rain Gods are not going to be cooperative it appears - rain is the forecast for most of the day. Thegrandson and I and the rest of Mom2's family will picnic "inside" at theDonald's house this afternoon - this way we will all be much closer - ha!

The Bush countdown clock is now under 200 days - can we survive that long. Realistically there will be no immediate changes (for the better) under a new administration in January - but to get the bombastic fool out of office cannot be soon enough for me. I have come to the point where even seeing his mug on the news is nauseating. How we could have this man in control for so long, and perpetuate his lies - never ceases to amaze me. Those elected officials in Washington need to live on a meager salary and try to buy gasoline, groceries, health insurance and still find $$ for survival - NOT HAPPENING.

I finished cleaning my friend's house after 8.5 hours of continuous work yesterday. As I said in my last post - this was a once in a lifetime service I offered. But it turned out well (and she never saw how much junk I trashed in her absence...she won't even know!) The woman is a virtual pack-rat!

I just IM'd with theson - and he says he had a super time "down under!" Sending me a didgeridoo and told me to try and play it - this could be interesting.

It is still early - going to try and catch a little more sleep - stay safe all today! and again...HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!


slyght said...

i don't know how you did it without me, but you fancied up your blog without me. new colors, new italics. nice. hope you did it on purpose.

Chickie said...

So, how much would it take to get you here to clean my house?

I like your new look!

themom said...

Let's see chickie: Florida, warm weather, pool, pets, great sense of humor....NOT MUCH AT ALL!!!