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Monday, July 14, 2008

I finally got it...wearing my brain out!!

After much figuring and frustration, I was able to download the pics taken by theson's friend at Jamboree In The Hills (from years ago)!

As you can see from the second photo, there is a "sea of people" in attendance for JITH. Fun and drunken fun is the "order of the day!" For all the years I attended, I often bragged that I was the only sober person in attendance (out of 200,000+). After the first few years, the numbers for attendance were no longer published, but it has to be one of the largest venues around.

Sunday is always the day of interest for me, as the show begins at 11 am (ending around 6:30 - 7 pm), and the atmosphere is much quieter - because EVERYONE is HANGING!! Always being the sober one - I loved to play with people's minds - too much fun for me!

Thedaughter2 and friend, took the camper out yesterday (actually Saturday night), because there is a looooong line waiting to get into the campgrounds and get a good spot. The site seeking began around 6 am I believe. Now all both daughters have to take out is their beer and bedding. All the boys sleep in a tent, while the girls are fortunate enough to get the camper. And me...my comfortable bed and TV to watch the event.

Enough for now, I'm going to start drafting what I call the hypothetical - which is actually true, but the outcome becomes the hypothetical I guess.

Have a good one and stay well. TTFN

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