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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Legalizing marijuana...about time!!

I love this article and the bill being supported by Barney Frank. I have been a member of NORML since the early 70's. I have said so many times, I would rather be around someone who is stoned than one who is drunk. I have posed this question to various law enforcement people over the past many years: "How many domestic disturbance calls, involve alcohol and thusly those involving marijuana?" I have yet to find one admission relating to marijuana use. Alcohol is the prime additive in domestic situations.

As this bill states, laws will still be enforced for cultivating, and selling for profit, but possession for personal use (100 grams or less) will be nothing. Hooray - quit tying up the courts time with these petty cases.

Now a question for thought...the phrase that one is "legally intoxicated"...shouldn't that mean that is therefore OK to be intoxicated because it is LEGAL??? One has to love semantics.

Later guys...TTFN

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