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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

My boring, boring life!...and still boring

Not a whole lot has been happening. Since last Thursday, I have made 3 round trips to the Pittsburgh Airport - and that has really cost me $$$ in gas. #$%^&*(damn politicians!! Just a note, the airport is only 50 miles from my home, but that mileage adds up! No biggie I guess.

I haven't heard from theson since he and Jules went to Australia for their R & R. thedaughter says we got a call this morning (we weren't home) and the number checks back to the international code for Australia (Canberra). Damn, and I missed the call. Jules frowns on theson keeping his Skype open when they are in Egypt, but I don't spy on them - just want to talk. I miss theson so much, all the time - something a mother always does - I think!

My good friend and her family went to Ocean City for the week (left last Saturday), and she is such a slob - I promised I would clean her kitchen - to do the entire house would take me 2 months!!! She has no sense of organization and my OCD kicks in, now she will never find anything - God forbid, it is a simple process to have utensils accessible, all storage containers in one location, etc... I will make a casserole to put in the fridge so they will have something to eat when they return and the coffee pot will be ready to turn on. Right now, I can't get the Clorox smell out of my nose - again I am a bleach freak too. Egads...I ruined my t-shirt in the process, but small loss. Tomorrow I should be able to finish the project - and I will put "post-it" notes on all cabinets to show her what has changed. The frustrating part is - in one month she will have it all cluttered and unorganized again. I only volunteer to do this once in a lifetime.

I made an appointment to get my hair cut at a new shop close to home - plus the prices are CONSIDERABLY lower than I usually pay. No color - just trim. Thegrandson even said he wants his hair trimmed - that was a shock. All the kids are now into letting their hair grow long - a style I like (considering theson - plausible) and thegrandsons hair is long enough for a ponytail now. He just wants it trimmed so it is out of his eyes and not over ears. Works for me.

My arm is not getting better - worse if anything, and I just hate calling the doctor but I know it is inevitable. Procrastinating works for me also...don't yell at me Zac.

Everyone stay well and TTFN. Have to be at my hair appointment in 15 minutes.

1 comment:

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Awfully nice of you to help your friend out! And, the Evil Twin is former Air Force, so Buddy's at the barber's often.... Plus the school he attends (Catholic) had hair code guidelines, too.