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Sunday, July 20, 2008

I've made up my mind...no more tickets to JAMBO!!

So much for a treat for Christmas presents...there will be no more JAMBO tickets purchased by me for anyone in the future. Amazing, I attended Jamboree in The Hills for 27 of the 32 years and never pissed anyone off or had anyone pissed at me. The atmosphere has changed incredibly. The competition now is to see how much one can drink...and then act like an ass! Of course, no one knows their own limit or that mixing beer and whiskey can be all you need for "trouble."

I had to travel out to the Jambo site at 1 am this morning to bring thedaughter home, after she had a confrontation with her sister. Without going into details, because some very hurtful things were said, drink and the mixing of beverages was the catalyst for said confrontation. Thedaughter was not drunk when I picked her up and her friend, of several years, offered her version of events at the time. I am not going to take sides in this matter. Enough said to state that I am so disappointed in the entire situation. I will not meddle into what is going on in one daughters life at present, suffice it to say, I am deeply disappointed in certain choices being made. Too many people are destined to be hurt under the present situation (in her life) and my heart is breaking.

ETW blogged about her connection with her biological mother this past weekend, and I flash back 15 years to when I met my biological daughter - my heart was so full, yet with time, there is no difference between those I have raised and the daughter who was raised by another. We all have our shortcomings and flaws...this is only human. A selfishness exists, which can only hurt those loved the most, and for this I feel awful. I do not and have not interfered in my children's lives (other than the rare -?- suggestion or two), and as a rule, let them make their own decisions, right, wrong or otherwise. But how many times must one make the same horrible decision - over and over, without being called on it? I would rather eat nails than deal with this dilemma.

Thedaughter is out $70, drivers license, camera and souvenirs - as someone cannot remember being handed these objects (in a fanny pack), for a period of 3-4 minutes. My declaration to the daughter was "it is a workable." Drivers license can be replaced, pictures are lost, money is lost, and souvenirs are just more "stuff." It is all unfortunate, but the circumstances, involving alcohol, just enhanced the situation.

Being awakened at 1 am to go 20 miles and collect thedaughter, was rather hard on me. I started having chest pains, more because of the stress, but I was alarmed. Having had 8 heart attacks and triple bypass...I don't need the drama.

Hopefully this week will be better, thedaughters (both) have to go back to work and the "normalcy" of their lives - so what they make of it is entirely up to them. Dwelling on this will not help matters, so my suggestion is to a) COOL OFF b) after time consider an "apology" get-together c) try to make the necessary changes in their lives to ensure happiness.

Usually I am sad that the 4 day country concert is over...this year - I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER!!

Stay well all and TTFN.


slyght said...

QUIT SMOKING!!!! that'll help a bit, love ya.

themom said...

You know I will get "right on that one!" I hate the addiction and you know that too. {{{raspberries}}}

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Sorry about the stress and dilemma, and sorry the adult kids had a disagreement... I hope things calm down and work out well.