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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Guess I am NOT an emergency...shite!

Thedaughter called and made an appointment for me with our family doctor today...only because I hate the thought of going and the expense. I went to the ER probably a month ago and was told I have tennis elbow, for which I have been wearing a brace, alternated the heat and cold and taken naproxen. The elbow is getting worse NOT better. I was given a script for Vicodin which I actually tore up a couple of days ago - I am soooooo not a pill taker. I guess I wasn't thinking about the street value, I could have gotten a small windfall - LOL!

I found it amusing as our family physician is also a long time personal friend (he was in med school when we met), and I can't get in to see him till August 21st. His office workers are unaware of our friendship, and I could call myself and get in today if I wanted to, but I can't bring myself to pick up the phone.

He will want to do a physical as I haven't had one since Shep was a pup...and I can actually fill him in quite quickly: I'm overweight, haven't quit smoking and need more exercise. There it is in a nutshell. There are probably a few addendum's to my quickie overview...but what the hell - none of us will live forever. No matter what, my only instructions to him will be - limited tests, and he can only give me good news - no BAD news. Invariably, all doctors have something bad to say and I will not listen to it. Don't prescribe me a lot of pills, because I will tear up the scripts - total waste of time. I truly believe that the pharmacy area of medicine is a racket and I am not contributing to their insane profits. When I was prescribed Lipitor for cholesterol, it ran $150+ a month - BS! I now take Red Yeast Rice and my cholesterol has decreased 30%. WALMART - $14 FOR 3 MONTH SUPPLY. How cool is that?

Whew! 5.8 magnitude earthquake hits LA - just waiting for the BIG ONE! I can't even imagine living in an earthquake area. Here in the Ohio Valley, we have had 2 earthquakes, if I am not mistaken in the 3-4 mag range, years ago. They were interesting - my chandelier was swaying, everything fell off my desk, and my desk chair (on rollers) started moving in circles - I was freaked out (that was in 1988). The other one I remember was in the early 80's, and people sitting around me felt it, but I was standing and felt nothing. I guess my legs served as super shock absorbers. I can't fathom shocks on a regular basis though.

Visit nomadic tendencies to see theson's plumbing adventure. It had me totally laughing, being he is soooo very intelligent and has now been whipped by a toilet!! I spoke with him on Skype yesterday as he was going to work, and he said he was going to tackle the job after work - and alas, it appears he did TACKLE the toilet.

I FEDEX'd a package to him again last Thursday, and it did arrive in Cairo office yesterday afternoon. I don't think he has had it picked up yet, but again with the exorbitant shipping bill - it came up $1075.00. Hopefully that is in Egyptian pounds. Hopefully he will be able to enjoy his Crystal Light packets soon.

Oh well - enough garbage for now! Everyone stay well and TTFN.

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