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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

It's a MAN'S world... I think NOT!!

Without getting to far out on a religious limb...I found this article so very irritating to my sensibilities of fairness to women (the smarter sex!) I will admit that I am an agnostic, having been baptized Presbyterian, confirmed an Episcopalian and transferring to the Lutheran faith when I married my late husband. I also attended many other faiths during my half century of living, and will also admit that I was fascinated by the diverse beliefs. But, be that as it may, back to this article...I find it very frustrating that again, the Catholic leader and church of Rome wishes to dictate the continued heirarchy of MEN to be the stalwart leaders of their faith (and all faiths apparently), since their translation of the BIBLE states that Jesus only wanted men in leadership positions. GET A GRIP!!!

Without getting into theology and various doctrines...this remains a sexist matter. The Episcopal church has fared quite well with their female bishops, but being one step away to Catholicism, the Pope apparently is quite scared of women penetrating the all male Vatican ranks. I should think there are other major issues that need to be addressed, i.e. molestation (past & present), loss of parishioners and finances, that the issues of dominance should be - HOW DO WE FIX our existing problems???!

Please note this is not a scathing attack on my Catholic friends - just the leaders of said religion. End of discussion!

Off on a tangent I go...gas range drip pans! Now there is a wild subject. I have had my gas range for probably 13-14 years, and the drip pans have taken a beating. I obtained the model and part numbers necessary to order, and then googled various sites for pricing. Kiss my Ass! 2 metal objects (double drips pans) weighing next
to nothing run in price from $28 each to $34. No freaking way!! I will just keep the ugly ones I have. BTW - those prices don't even include shipping and handling.

Theson has posted about his Australian adventure and the pics are great! He looks slimmer and sooooo happy! I haven't talked to him much, but I am not high up on his priority list I know. Again, a mother thing! I have another "hypothetical" post I want to do..but haven't decided how to approach the subject. I will keep thinking on that one!

I don't have to babysit for the next 2 days as thedaughter has days off, so whatever shall I do??? Probably clean some more. If the damn rain and storms would quit - I'd like to cook out too. Life just sucks sometimes.

More later...stay well and TTFN.

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Evil Twin's Wife said...

The American Catholic church is very different from our European counterpart. After Vatican II (I think roughly 1963), American Catholic churches started letting women actually clean behind the alter, then eventually, doing readings and finally, because of dwindling numbers, we use female altar servers... It is changing. Slow, but no one ever said the Vatican was speedy about anything. (Except getting Mother Teresa on the fast track for Sainthood).