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Sunday, July 06, 2008

New Look...not entirely happy yet...

I decided to try the new layout feature for blogspot, but I am not totally happy yet - I still want to do some "dressing up", but with my luck, I don't want to screw it up.

I really loved this shot from our local, albeit lousy, Fireworks display on June 28th. All the major cities around here had to cancel their July 4th displays because of the rain and dampness - most were shot off last night!

My friends returned last evening from a week at Ocean City, Maryland - and she was quite happy with her CLEAN and ORGANIZED kitchen. By the time I left, she had progressed to cluttering the room up again - but as I said - it was a "once in a lifetime" service. I will grit my teeth and bear with the mess again, I am sure. I made a pan of lasagna and had the coffee pot on - so they were happy as clams when they got home.

Finding a job is becoming painful. No one is hiring - laying off is more the norm at the moment. Three responses from resumes have come as "you will be notified when we begin the hiring process again." I think I am toooo old for this game now, but I am POOR and truly need additional income. Shite - maybe I will...oh nevermind!

If I dwell on that issue I will begin my depression again - so happy thoughts for now.

The 4th was a great day at theDonald's - my God - he had steaks so huge I was in awe. Each rib eye would feed 3 people. Jimmy fixed stuffed mushrooms and cheesy potatoes and all kinds of desserts. Truly a fun day and definitely "filling."

I'm outta here - a few things to get done before the babysitting begins - AGAIN!

Stay well and TTFN.

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