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Monday, July 21, 2008

There just may be JUSTICE afterall...

I quite often mention thegrandson on my blog - although I have never really given a slew of details regarding him, I just love to highlight his life at times.

Being the 21st century and life being so different than when I was growing up in the 60's - thedaughter upon notifying the father that she was pregnant - he immediately BAILED!! Thedaughter made the decision to be a single parent and had many court appearances to establish the father's paternity (no problem there) and in absentia, he was ordered to pay child support. Initially she received a couple of small checks and then nothing! That was over 6 years ago. When we went to court, the "law master" - upon learning that thegrandson's "sperm donor" had possibly fathered a total of 10 children - said (unofficially) that if he could get him in court and it was legal - he would castrate the man. I was on his side with that idea! He was cited for Contempt of Court on several occasions for failing to appear - and has had warrants on file for his arrest, should he be caught in Belmont County, Ohio. We know for a fact, he has slithered back home to visit family, but never seem to catch him in time.

The "sperm pop" was finally tracked down in South Carolina (where he has a family - 3 kids) and cited into SC courts on Contempt charges. We were informed that he also failed to appear on the first citation into court, by another mother and not to expect him to show on thegrandsons case. Shock of shocks - he DID appear and voluntarily turned over his employment information - and a week later thedaughter was informed of all events that had transpired, but not to get her hopes up for receiving any checks soon.

VOILA!!!! The daughter received a check today for $70.25. I know that does not sound like a lot, but this means the world to thedaughter. Having lost the $70 at Jambo - it could not have arrived at a better time for her. We have agreed that her hopes will not stay high - as the checks could stop as soon as they began. Even if she received the same amount weekly - he will NEVER get caught up. He is almost $20 thousand in arrears. The good thing is that this will follow him till he dies or pays in full - whichever comes first. LOL!!

Tried to scan the check to publish here (sans Names), but PC in old office is not connecting to internet at the moment. So I had to settle for taking a picture of the check. Too much to worry about now. Just thought I would pass on some good news...have a good day and TTFN.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I'm glad she rec'd something. Deadbeat sperm donors tick me off!!

slyght said...

me too! i'll get my money back quicker. woohoo. hah.

huh, i think i like that feejit thing. might have to get that.

The daughter said...

Slyght...your a goof!! That is Colton's money and you are getting every penny of yours. I keep my promises and pay my debts...at least now I do so chill. Thanks though...Colton deserves it!! That is going to be a Christmas fund.