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Saturday, December 01, 2007

...he never ceases to amaze me!

As you can see, my Christmas boxes (for storage) are empty and ready to be carried back to the basement.....


Upon closer inspection apparently someone has decided to make a home out of one of the empty bins...

Thegrandson has always had an affinity for climbing into boxes, drawers, basically anything small since he was quite small...oh, I forgot, he is 7 years old and still quite small. Darn little troll won't grow. He may gain a pound or two a year and that is it. He finally made it into the 3% percentile on the growth chart - we were ecstatic. His height is fine, but he weighs only 41 pounds. I call him the dwarflet.

As for liking to hide in things, it has always worried me, because if he gets comfortable, he will never make a sound. So we have had to be quite vigilant in watching where or what may look like a comfortable new "rat hole" for him.

Really nothing much to add, just thought this was picture worthy. Getting a new "rose" tattoo in a little while, in memory of my best friend who passed away - MOM2!! Just seems like something I need to do.

Take care, stay healthy and TTFN.

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