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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

...It's ANGEL ELF!!!

This is our Elf, Angel. She was "dropped" in our neighborhood almost 4 years ago, and several neighbors watched her all day long, never wandering far. After dark, I was coming home from the store and she was still wandering around, and as I came in the front door, she came in also; she jumped on the couch with thegrandson who was sick with a fever at the time and decided she was HOME. Behind me was another neighbor with a plate full of food for her, hoping she would come to their house, but alas, I was the lucky winner.

A more behaved, loving dog you would never meet. She walks right by my side with no leash and comes on command. (*She has also been thegrandson's "guardian" since she moved in with us). Any other "tricks" would be highly limited. I am guessing she was almost a year old at that time and now would be almost 5. She LOVES everyone, and gently raises till she has her paws on all unsuspecting shoulders. She is also quite the chicken shite. I also have a ten year old psychotic calico cat - and this dog is so intimidated by the feline. I have been trying to get her to "eat" the cat - but she is not doing well at this task.

I got the cat for my twin sister in 1997, and I guess I contributed to the psychotic personality this cat developed, through teasing and taunting. It was fun at the time, because it was her cat - not mine. Then my sister passed away in 2001 at 49 years of age and I have the cat. Now my sins are coming back to me. Maybe I will get a picture of Isis on here soon. Mom2 called her Basketball, since she has a dropped belly and looks rather round!

Theson came home today and Angel went nuts when he came in the door, but running and jumping, I now have another pound of dog hair to pick up. That is her biggest drawback - the HAIR!!! In the summer I have her scalped regularly, and I would do the same in the cooler months except I haven't found a dog coat large enough for her. I will post a "bald" picture in the Spring.

Just a quickie post to highlight our Christmas Dog. She seems to get slighted sometimes in our basically uneventful lives.

Stay healthy and well and TTFN!

1 comment:

Chickie said...

What a cute doggy!

I feel your pain about the dog hair. Our Basset Hound is just a hairball machine.