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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Sad sight to see...

A fire has struck a business here in town, and I worked with and for this family for many years. My former business partner and friend still had her bookkeeping/tax business there, plus a crafts and home furnishings store. We moved into this building March 1988 and at that time we operated an RCA Sales & Service center also. There are four floors and originally there were 2 separate store fronts, one which was rented out to various businesses for the first few years. In May 1992, we opened Country Square (I came up with the name) and offered country crafts, furniture, knick knacks and stuff. It became a success because it was family operated and we offered such personalized service. I remember the opening day, as I managed to have my first UNIMPRESSIVE heart attack that day - oh the memories.

The economy slowed, television sales lagged and they "laid me off" in January of '96. From that point on it was strictly family working the stores. Our business partnership was severed, and I was really pissed for awhile, but got over that, and we have remained friends and share the costs of our tax programs to this day.

This is what I saw as I was heading to get my new tattoo. I stopped and found a place where I could get a better look and my heart just sunk to my ankles.

Thedaughter went in town later and got these pictures, not as close as I was but you can see the same effect from the smoke.
The building is to the left of the large white building in the center of this picture. As of an hour ago (3 pm) the 4th and 3rd floors had collapsed into the building. It is amazing how devastating this fire is, considering it is only one building. There are 13 fire departments - 3 ladder companies fighting this battle.

There is no electric service in the downtown area and our water service may be out for a couple of days, as the drain on the water treatment plant caused it to shut down, and they can't get it up and running again. Amazing!

Oh well, no lives have been lost - the loss is just "stuff." When our home burned to the ground in 1984 - I learned that what we have is just "stuff." Everything can be replaced, but a life cannot. I have spoken with the family and offered any help that they may need, and we cried and laughed together. They definitely have the right idea for this situation - let the firefighters do their job and they are cracking open the wine. There's not much else they can do.

Later....everyone take care. TTFN.

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