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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Still dangerous situation...fire still burning!

Amazingly enough, the fire (previous blog) is still burning, almost 26 hours later. I was just back at the scene, and water is still being poured into the remaining structure - it is a mess! Also, considering it has been raining all night, one would think that would help - but the center of the structure still is being supported by 16" oak beams which have all dropped and piled into this one area. The firemen told me that when that area is totally consumed the possibility increases considerably that the entire structure will collapse.

Eight companies have been contacted to have the building dismantled, and the stock answer was "No, too dangerous!" Governor Strickland has sent a representative who has now contacted a firm in Cleveland to see if they will tackle this job - the gentleman is expected to arrive in town early this afternoon. There is always the chance that this building will not wait for a "company" to tear it down...every minute that passes, collapse is more imminent.

With this side view, it is easy to see that the entire building has been gutted. This one hose has been directed on one of the hot spots in the center. An interesting fact, after I spoke with the Water Superintendent of the treatment plant, he stated that over 2 million gallons of water had been sprayed on this fire in the first couple of hours. When our resources were seriously depleting, the tanker brigade started getting water from the Ohio River and filling portable "ponds."

I am posting this for my friends in other states as they are also familiar with this business and its location. That's all for now...football day (NFL) and have to get my fix. Especially since WVU managed to get beat last night and that depressed me...I was hoping to see WVU and Ohio State mix it up. BooHoo!

Take care and stay healthy...TTFN.

I found this humorous - firemen
taking at break - using the table & chairs from Country Square this morning. Just manning the hoses and chatting.

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