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Monday, December 31, 2007



This is a boring day in my house. New Year's Eve has been for theson and thedaughter to celebrate, as I really don't go to the bars at all. If I manage to stay awake...I may go out on the front porch and bang a pan and make some noise. No doubt, I will immediately retreat back to the safety inside, as our local idiot Police chief lives 2 doors away and always shoots off his guns at midnight. DUH!?!?! What goes up, must come down...and no one has stopped him in all these years.

I have to think back about 2007 to reflect on what has transpired.

Jan. 25-28, to Boston to visit with "family."
**4 trips to Pittsburgh Airport
February - Busy tax season begins
**3 trips to Pittsburgh Airport
March 4 - begin Tanning sessions for cruise (can't go pasty white)
March - Very busy full month of tax filers
** No airport runs
Mom2 got her first tattoo, me my 2nd! (Rebellious old broads)
**2 trips to Pittsburgh Airport
May 12 - thegrandson's very first baseball game
**2 trips to Pittsburgh Airport
June 2-10 Caribbean cruise (plus day ahead in Ft. Lauderdale)
**1 trip to Pittsburgh Airport
July 19-22 Jamboree In The Hills
**1 trip to Pittsburgh Airport
August 20-26 theson to Bristol for NASCAR race
**3 trips to Pittsburgh Airport
September 14 - made up with my very best friend Mom2
September 28 - Mom2 to Ohio State University Hospital
**2 trips to Pittsburgh Airport
October 12 - Mom2 home from Pickerington (skilled care)
October 17 - Mom2 passes away - worst day of my life!
**2 trips to Pittsburgh Airport
November - stayed in depression - nothing exciting at all.
**3 trips to Pittsburgh Airport
December 1 - 3rd Tattoo in memory of Mom2 (Fire at Country Square)
December 23 - theson turns 30
December 24 - Mom2's family remains together for a wonderful family event
**3 trips to Pittsburgh Airport

Wow - it appears my biggest accomplishment for 2007 was a total of 26 trips to the airport. Like I have said before - I really need a life.

Most of all, I wish all my friends and fellow bloggers the best 2008 possible. Good health and fortune (hopefully)!

With these good wishes, I am signing off till next year - so everyone stay healthy and TTFN!

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