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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Late Christmas Dinner with oldest Daughter & Family!

Thedaughter2 and her family came over last night for a late Christmas celebration. After opening presents we all, theson and Jules, thedaughter, thegrandson and myself all went to a local Italian restaurant for dinner. My son-in-law is 100% Italian and poor lowly me - Irish. I am so not a fan of Italian food and my family has always been the opposite. Spaghetti and pizza are just desperate "fallbacks" when nothing else can be decided upon. But I must say, when theson suggested going here I was rather happy as we invariably end up at a steak house. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my marinated chicken! Everyone else did the culture thing with pizza, calzones, sausages, caciatore, etc... Me, I am a happy camper with my family together.

Jules left for home today, and we had an enjoyable visit while she was here. She and theson will hook up in Egypt about mid-February I think. Theson will be leaving probably Tuesday or Wednesday for New York to head to the Egyptian consulate to get the proper papers in order for the trip and leave directly from NYC to Egypt. With any luck he wants to meet up with Championable possibly - that would be cool, since he is such a fascinating gentleman.

Now this is the ultimate "tough guy" pic of thegrandson. He thinks he is so badass...sure!!! He loves his aunt and cousins, it is a shame with our busy lives, they can't get together more often. Stephen (my oldest grandson) is just like a little kid when they are together - or maybe thegrandson is like a big kid...hmmm...not sure about that one, anyway they have a blast.

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year! I know I will, I can't remember the last New Year's Eve I "partied." It is tough to get old...I just usually sleep through all the commotion!! I really need a life!


1 comment:

Chickie said...

Spaghetti is my fallback meal too. That's what we're doing tonight!

Happy New Year!