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Thursday, January 03, 2008

"Get her a 'little something Steelers' for Christmas"!! Right!?!?!?

This has to be the best Christmas present I received this year. The Russ, not a real shopper, delegated the duty to Chumpass and his fiance to accomplish the deed this year. According to Chump, theRuss said to get me a "little something Steelers", and here it is:

The chuckles around the room when I opened the package were neverending. One has to only visualize "my ass" in a thong to have a good belly laugh. Hell, I have been pulling wedgies out of my butt for the past 56 years, I certainly can't imagine deliberately putting something there. But understand also, this was a gag present and I enjoyed it more than anything else.

But I do hate to see things go unused - so I have found a good use for this fine piece of apparel...

I guess one would have to understand that theRuss is a Cleveland Browns fan and I am a die hard Pittsburgh Steeler fan...and we manage to clash quite often, all in good fun though (I hope!). Where we live, I would say it was evenly divided between the 2 teams as to their fan base...so some good, fun loving times can be had during the NFL season.

For now, my Steeler bear will reside in a comfortable place of display, wearing the lovely Steeler thong - FOR ALL TO SEE!!

Thanks for the lovely, thoughtful presents theRuss, Chumpass and Jackee.

Everyone stay healthy and TTFN!


thedaughter2 said...

this is great! love it!

luv ya

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I always wondered why bears didn't wear undies or pants of any type. Thank goodness this bear has taste.

Chickie said...

Bwahahahaha! I love the bear!