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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

...and how many years have these people filed taxes???

It always amazes me, at the END of tax season, all the people that finally decide it is time to have them prepared. The next 20 days are going to be hectic - actually 18 days as the 3rd and 4th of April I will get little done since Carrie is to have her surgery. I always amaze myself that I do get it all done though. Last year I had all returns complete and only filed 2 extensions. So far this year I know I will have one extension to file, as the gentleman (Uncle Windy) is working out of the area and won't return till the end of April.

Too tired to work on any tonight, got home from work, got into my comfort clothes - and Mom 2 has computer problems. Threw a coat on and up to phyldot's house I go. (**I always visit people in my jammies!! Hee Hee) got their broadband up and running again and BOOM, the daughter calls and I have a client waiting at the house. Now this is the heighth of etiquette to enter my house in my jammies to greet a client. Hell anybody can wear a business suit - NOT ME!! Tra-la-la-la!!

I am babysitting, the daughter has gone out with her friends. Think I will have Colton bathed and in bed by 9 p.m., since one of my favorite shows is on - HOUSE. Made sure I watched "24" last night, getting really exciting, and now another favorite tonight. All signs of a person who really needs a life!!

It appears Paul had a good "BIKE" weekend after all, even if the first planned excursion was a bust. Must be nice to ride free. You go Paul!!

Enough for now, more to come!!! TTFN.

1 comment:

jean said...

thank you so much for the help getting our computers back on line...don't know what i'd do without my best friend...and you looked very cute in your "jammies"
TTFN friend jean