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Saturday, March 04, 2006

damnit Slyght... I'm hooked

If anyone has read slyght's blog lately he mentioned taking the Intelligence Tests #1 and #2. Well... let me tell you, I am totally hooked. Slyght sent an email with the answers to all of them, but I am adament I am going to do as many on my own as possible. On Test #1, I have 27/33, but am not as good on #2 - think I am up to 9 right so far. I have always been a puzzle and trivia junkie. Knowledge is a wonderful thing - right? I can rememebr Slyght sneaking to my crossword puzzles and filling them out (as best he could) at a very early age. Now we have the Soduko thing going on also.

I showed this test to a few select people yesterday and I was tickled to find out they are definitely dumber than the proverbial "hoe handles." Which poses a question, why do we choose hoe handles to compare ones intelligence too? Why not a shovel handle, door knob or hair brush? Hmmmm....

I read all of Paul's "blogs" the other day, he too is an engineer who was once assigned to the India project. Interesting fellow - I know I would enjoy his company and conversations for sure. I can only imagine how he and Zac got along on the site - "mahvelous" I am sure.

Well, back to Columbus on Monday, so I will tie myself to the kitchen table (makeshift office desk) and work till I am caught up. I have told many people, I am thinking about removing the stove and replacing it with filing cabinets.

Since I am soooooo busy here at work, I better go and at least pretend to accomplish something. Have a good one everybody. Be back soon....I hope.

1 comment:

slyght said...

give steadman a call again. i know she works on mondays but if you are there late, you kids can go to dinner or something.

yeah those tests are fun. yeehaw. i signed up for more if they come out. i did pretty good o nthe movie one. i think there were only 3-4 i couldn't get. i got a few without even having seen the movie. i'm THAT good.

they grow up so fast!!! *sob*