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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

didya miss me?... probably not

ok - i have been running around like crazy - trying to get every thing done - and only half succeeding. slyghts blog's have been great lately, keeping me highly entertained. finally got his st. patricks day box fedexed to him today - YAY!! (there are things in it he requested for valentines day - better late than never!!) so limited on certain things that can be shipped, the biggest problem is NO LIQUIDS. he has been begging for italian dressing and now green food coloring. well MOM 2, has taken care of the italian dressing dilemma and sent the powdered kind plus a CRUET. knock yourself out irish boy!! i have been everywhere trying to find powdered food coloring and struck paydirt at a tiny cake supply store in wheeling. so turn that beer green baby!!

the daughter had her doctor visit on Monday in columbus, and he is really trying to avoid surgery to remove the bones, but this week he is pretty certain that will be the route we take. he shot her wrist full of a numbing agent and steroids - to see if she gets any relief from the inflammation and we go back in 3 weeks (27th). she was in one of the worst moods this time. we have gotten along super for almost 6 weeks until monday. she was worse than a bear. snapping at colton, me and anybody nearby. she slept all the way home, which was a relief for me, but unfortunately, i was actually getting sleepy. i kept rolling the window down for cold air (it was snowing)and colton kept yelling he was cold. DAMMIT. as soon as we got home - i was wide awake. poop.

haven't made my vacation plans yet, but will soon, so i started tanning so i will be ready for the sunshine. my bones are crying out for warmth and sun. unfortunately MOM 2 is having some problems and i am probably going to end up going on a cruise by myself. could be interesting. i don't think anybody wants to throw me overboard or anything - at least i hope not!!

well, back to the tax returns. everyone behave and i will be back later. TTFN!!

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