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Monday, March 27, 2006

looks like more surgery...

I guess you could say everything went well today in Columbus. The doctor is super cautious, and wants to exhaust every means before a possible FINAL surgery to remove the necrotic bones in Carrie's wrist. He has scheduled a bone scoping (surgical procedure) for next Tuesday. We will go up on Monday again, since she will have to be at the hospital as early as 5 am. The doctor said that 90% of the time he can correct most problems with this procedure but he seriously doubts that will be the case with Carrie. He just as well said that eventually he will be removing the bones. But due to her young age, he would prefer that be a last ditch measure. We have faith in him and will do as he says. We also scheduled the follow up visit for the 10th of April. (possibly to remove stitches.) If he should want to schedule a surgical procedure to remove bones, we told him it would have to be after April 22nd, which is Brenda's (my oldest daughter) wedding. Carrie would prefer not to have a messed up hand for the wedding. I can understand that.

This is really putting the pressure on me, all at the end of tax season. Hope I can get it all done. It is late and have to send some emails, so more later. G'bye for now!!

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