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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

senior moments...

OK - my wonderful plans for protesting are shot to hell. All due to my wonderful "senior moment." I'm plotting and planning how and where to approach this matter, only to find out the Bushista is coming to town tomorrow and NOT thursday as i had thought. to late for me to pencil in "protest" on my calendar. damnit!!! so much for democracy - elite frontment (troopers) making all the plans for an aggressive republican crowd (oops - i wouldn't last long there), and the lines were long to get tickets to see the twerp. IDIOTS. last time he was here (Nov. '04) the frontmen would eject anyone who even resembled the opposition and take them to a far away place till his hineyness left the state. (has anyone caught on to my feelings towards the man???) no free speech in west virginia - that's for sure. oh well, maybe later.

phyldot (mom2) and i went to dinner at outbacks (my favorite) and had a wonderful conversation, which we haven't done for awhile. while we were there, it started snowing (blizzarding). we headed home about 8:15 pm. thank god, we kept talking, because the roads were a sheet of ice. bad wreck by mall exits and once we got on rt. 7, there were at least two bad wrecks. (we were tied up in traffic on rt 7 for probably 20 minutes. (lookeelus). after we got off the highway, i finally told phyl how slick the roads were. didn't want phyl to get scared and dry mouth then have her teeth fly out - Lord have mercy - not a pretty site.

It's official, the daughter got fired from her wonderful pizza baking/bartending/groveling/low paying job!! I would rather she not work for the idiots anyway. (I have a very low tolerance for stupidity. and this "family" more than qualifies for the title.) now we can wAit and see what the doctor has to say about her wrist on monday and what the future may hold.

as one attentive reader has noted (paul) - the year is a quarter of the way over and i should probably update all on my new years resolutions: 1) lose 50 pounds....now who am i kidding. i have probably gained 5. 2.) quit smoking... only when i am asleep. 3.) get a better job...will possibly pursue this more aggressively after my cruise. 4) see my son...NOT YET - but quite possibly within the next month.

I think in the future i will only make one resolution and use the same one for giving up at Lent...NO SEX. it is ever so much easier to give up when you don't get it anyway!!! hahaha. so there slyght are ya blushing!!??? actually, i should consider being a nun...Not!!

OK, i am exhausted, time to crawl in bed. keep those comments coming - PLEASE!! ttfn!


slyght said...

i'm sorry. i thought i commented on you recently. i see you've checking out paul. i am NOT calling him daddy.

where's the pres? wheeling? i did't think he came there during the election, that was kerry.

you were liberal with me so i'll be liberal with you. i wish you ALL the sex in the world, just take it easy, pulling muscles isn't sexy. i've gotten charlie horses and the girl thought i was having a heart-attack. love ya.

Paul said...

Girl, you definately need to get out more... Sometimes you've got to stretch a little to make things happen...

Sorry, I'd have to starve myself rather than give up sex voluntarily...

Funny kid that one, Slyght calling me daddy... Yea, right, very funny...